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Collaborate | @anniset x 20th Century Fox

The brief

20th Century Fox released 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children', and wanted fun images to reflect its immersive, fantasy nature. As the #staypeculiar hashtag implies, the creative guidelines were as follows: the stranger, the better.

The creator

Anna Devis's instagram feed @anniset looks more like an art gallery than a social media page. With her eye for detail, carefully curated shots and pastel colour scheme, she manages to create weird and wonderful images, perfect for the Miss Peregrine campaign.

I love creative challenges, and thinking of concepts to create an image with is a challenge I really enjoy. I am a big fan of the Seventh Art!

The inspiration

I had the pleasure to create content for the 20th Century campaign. The briefing of the campaign was so inspiring and I really wanted to take part. I always work with Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda), and creating an image for this campaign was an exciting experience!

Inspiration can be found in pretty much everything, and with a strong concept in mind, anything can turn out to be a great photo! Of course, going to see Miss Peregrine was part of the plan to get inspired (popcorn can definitely make you think clearer!). And then, after a few sketches, the concept just came to me. Having butterflies in your stomach is a peculiar feeling, isn’t it? I wanted to make this idea into a visual image.

The finished product

The stats

The verdict

The image still makes me smile when I see it, so I wouldn’t change anything of it! But it is true, when you are quite a perfectionist your favourite image always happens to be the last one taken. So if I had thought about the campaign now, I might have had a completely different idea!

Thanks, Anna!