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Collaborate | @cine.pix x Feelunique

The brief:

Feelunique wanted clear, crisp images and cinemagraphs that showed their beauty products in action.

The creator:

Mario of @cine.pix creates the most incredible cinemagraphs that incorporate such subtle movements that you have to double check to make sure it's really moving.

The inspiration:

"My wife’s a huge Benefit fan, so when the opportunity to collaborate with Feelunique came along, she was all ears! Whilst looking at the range of Benefit cosmetics, my wife pointed out a few items that she would personally like if she could fill out a wish list. I realised then that she wasn’t just going for makeup for eyes, or lips, or foundation or something specific, but had an all-round selection, which then led to the idea of creating a shot that portrayed someone getting ready to go out, using a variety of Benefit products. The brief required me to keep as much focus on the products as possible, so the cinemagraph angle slowly developed, until it became seeing reflections in the mirrors, as various types of makeup were sampled during the makeup process."

"I must be honest, I was hesitant at first, for no other reason than that it was unchartered waters for me. I’d never done anything with cosmetics in the past, and Feelunique is a great, strong brand and I wanted to do them justice with any work I did. But then I thought that it’ll be great exercise for me to get out of my comfort zone and attempt something new and fresh, and I was delighted that they liked the shot in the end."

The result:

The stats:

The verdict:

"Looking back, I’m glad I did the collaboration; it’s always great to be able to show a variety of subject matter that your skills could be applied to, so having a makeup shot in the mix of my other work adds extra flavour in the mix. If I were to do it again, I’d love to do the shot in a lifestyle scenario, on a dressing table near a window or something to that effect, but at the time the studio shot was most viable for the deadline. It’s a lovely piece, and I’ve never seen anyone do anything like it with cinemagraphs, even though it’s still a young medium, so it’s nice to have done something that feels original - and ultimately have a happy client!"

Thanks, Mario!