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Collaborate | @mariekekazen x Lipton

The brief:

Lipton asked for images that would should show Lipton green tea can be part of a healthy life style; they wanted colourful images with a sunny feel, with some natural, greenery elements incorporated. Marie of @mariekekazen took this brief and made it her own with her gorgeous leaf print skirt and the 'beachy' vibe of the final image.

Where did you get the inspiration for your content?

I get inspiration for my content from everywhere. I love Instagram and Pinterest very much, but I really think it's the best to think outside the box when working on campaigns.

What made you want to work on the Lipton campaign?

I always like to drink Lipton ice tea, and the colours of the brand brand fits perfectly with my content. Also, I wanted to show more travel and summery themed images on my profile, so the campaign perfectly suited to me.

The result:

The stats:

How do you feel about the collaboration now, looking back?

I'm still really excited about the campaign. The taste of mint and lime was delicious, and I'm very happy with the final result of my content. It's nice and colourful, and the travel aspect of the photograph is good to see in my feed. I didn't even go on holiday to take it; if you start really looking for a good environment to shoot at in your area, there are always nice places that you will discover.

Thanks, Marie!