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Collaborate | @moranapter x Elite Coffee

The brief

Elite Coffee's brand essence is "sharing passion for coffee", so it was important that the images showed how the influencers like to enjoy their coffee. Elite Coffee were also interested in seeing how they would share coffee with friends or family.

The creator

@Moranapter might just be the queen of flatlayers. Her moodily lit Instagram page hosts a treasure trove of tabletops and surfaces, all littered with gorgeous trinkets, and of course in standard blogger fare, the occasional black coffee. When asked why she wanted to take part in the Elite coffee campaign, Moran told me: I really like taking lifestyle pictures, and coffee features in almost every picture I take, so it was cool to take the kind of photo I normally create, but for Elite coffee.

The inspiration

I mostly take my inspiration from magazines, trips I take abroad and bloggers around the world. But I like to keep my Instagram fresh and original, so I usually take inspiration from trying to be different every time I publish a photo, and by making sure I have a unique signature.

The result

The stats

The verdict

Looking back on the Elite coffee collaboration I still really like the outcome, I think I stayed true to myself and managed to take some great pictures!

Thanks, Moran!