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Collaborate | Noel.Alva x Shore Projects

Each week, we feature a favourite collaboration between brand and creator, this week is the turn of @noel.alva and Shore Projects.

The Brief

Shore Projects is a global watch brand inspired by the British coastline. They wanted to take their designs to the American market and create content that would be inspired by natural places around the world.

The Creator

Noel Alva is an LA based photographer. He has been taking photographs since he was 15 years old, inspired by his natural surroundings at home and abroad, he is well known for his outdoorsy shoots and dreamlike imagery.

I got the inspiration for the photograph from the water itself in Havasupai, Arizona, which is a Native American Reservation. If you look up on Google, Mooney Falls, you'll then see the water that exists there is the same color as the watch that I was shooting. I love to shoot in nature and nothing would have fit better for the Shore Project watch I was shooting like that water in Havasupai. Nature is amazing like that.

I chose to work with Shore Project because I'm a definite fan of wonderful time pieces, and I'm a definite fan of anything that is inspired by water.

The Finished Product

The Stats

Likes: 15.1k

Comments: 229

Followers: 263k

The Verdict

I feel very grateful for the collaboration. I know we definitely get one another's ethos, which makes working with the company incredibly natural.

Thanks Noel and Shore Projects!

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar