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Collaborate | Paperboyo x LoveScotch

Each week, we feature a favourite collaboration between brand and creator, this week is the turn of @paperboyo and Diageo’s #LoveScotch campaign.

The Brief

The aim of #LoveScotch is to spread the word about Diageo’s scotch collection which includes iconic names such as Haig Club, the Johnnie Walker Labels and The Singleton in a unique and creative way.

The Creator

One creator they teamed up with was Rich McCormack, the creator behind @paperboyo, who uses paper cutouts to create innovative content.

A lot of my photography usually plays out on a large scale with landmarks and architecture, so it was fun to bring my style down to a smaller scale and still be creative. I'd had the idea of a cutout lawnmower for a while, but I didn't quite know where to use it so when the opportunity to use it as part of a cocktail garnish- it felt like the perfect setting to use it.

I really like a creative challenge so as well as the opportunity to bring my concepts down to a smaller scale, it was fun to shoot images with Scotch. To have the opportunity to be creative and try various scotches isn't a bad way to spend your time.

The Finished Product

The Stats

The Verdict

“I have a huge appreciation for the art of cocktail photography now. I gained much more of an insight into making ice look perfect, capturing drinks in the perfect light etc. I'm really keen to do more photography in this style and I hope I get the opportunity to because I already have a range of new ideas.”

Cheers to that.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar