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Warner Music, #OneMoreLight Campaign

Warner Music wanted to create a campaign surrounding the Linkin Park album 'One More Light' after the band's frontman Chester Bennington unexpectedly passed away in July this year. Warner Music wanted to include all different types of lighting in their campaign to honour the lyrics of the last song Bennington made before his passing.

The #OneMoreLight campaign was hugely successful, whilst it only utilised 14 content creators, they were engaged across all of Warner's key markets. Each influencer created one piece of content, and posted it to their Instagram accounts, reaching 410k+ people and generating 36.4k likes.

The open brief lead to some really interesting pieces. Whilst the singular ideas varied, all of the pieces were nevertheless united by the campaign's overarching theme. @ldpetrov created a piece overlooking the skyline of his hometown, London. To achieve the desired 'blurry' affect, he used a complex process:

"I used a very wide aperture of f/1.8 in order to achieve the bokeh balls of light that can be seen in the image. These are lights from cars and buses travelling across Westminster Bridge - the blurred clock face of Big Ben can even be seen in the background of the shot. To capture this photo, I held out my hand towards the lights, focused on it, and let the blurred balls of light shine away behind".

To Mike of @m.visuals, the campaign struck a chord: "I wanted the sun to be striking for my shot. Having the sun burst flare gave it a really strong feel and the shadow gave the image a dramatic feel. The song is deeply emotional and I wanted to bring the image to life, so I animated it to help create that vibe.

I grew up a Linkin Park fan, so hearing the news of Chester Bennington passing on was really sad and I felt honoured to be involved".

Bertrand of @frankyyy007 says, "To take this photo I went on the rooftop of a hotel in the heart of Paris. It was a sunny day and the weather was really perfect. I waited for golden hour and when I saw the sunset over Paris I observed the natural spectacle of light; it was really impressive and strong. I used a tripod and a telephoto lens to get the sharpest photo possible. I didn't really have time to make mistakes because the sun was going down very quickly. It was a great memory for me to create this photo!"

June Lawrence of @cinnaavox also touched on the importance of lighting, not just in this brief, but for every photo; "The subject of light is a very important theme, especially in the photo where light is fundamental. The photographer is in perpetual quest for the perfect light of his dreams. Without this light the photo is nothing and that's something that will always amaze us."

She goes on to say how "it was really tricky to get that shot in a short time because at that moment it was really rainy and grey in Germany. So I checked my photos from my last trips and found this one with the jar.

I took this shot at the Santa Monica Pier and the light was so perfect, so warm, and I thought 'this is it'. So I start to edit this one; it was the right photo. The idea with the splash heart came out of nowhere and I loved being able to show off my artistic tendencies, too.

As well as enjoying the artistic side of the project, June had an emotional connection with the campaign, saying, "it was so amazing when I got that email.

Linkin Park was a huge part of my childhood and when I was teenager, I always listened to their music. What happened to Chester was so, so sad, so it was an honor for me to create something special for the campaign."

@andreweggers also had a connection to the band, "This campaign held a deeper meaning to me even though I'm not a die hard Linkin Park fan. It didn't hit me until after I had posted the shot and started looking through the #OneMoreLight hashtag to see all the tributes to Chester Bennington that I realized how powerful those lyrics really are. A large part of me was very sad, because it felt like he was signing his 'goodbye' song to the world."

"The photo I posted was taken as a group of friends and I went out one night looking to capture the Milky Way. It was very dark and we were driving around looking for a good foreground when we noticed this "S" curved road. We pulled over and a friend drove his Jeep from a distance into our frame and I used long exposure to capture both the light trails from the headlights and the Milky Way above in the sky."

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