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Local Audience, Local Influencers | Davines x Hyperlocology x Whalar

Purpose-driven brand Davines doubles down on communicating its sustainable beauty messaging.

Whalar recently collaborated with ethical hair brand Davines for their #sustainablebeauty campaign across the East and West coast of the US. More so than a strong social engagement and an impressive ROI, the collaboration also included hyperlocal marketing specialists, Hyperlocology, to help implement a powerful strategy for the purpose-driven brand.

The HyperInfluencer

Effective influencer marketing is distilled within the principles of targeted marketing. To strip this back, let’s ask the basic question; Why do brands use influencer marketing today? If I was hoping to write a tagline, conclude a brief, or convince a skeptic, I’d say something like; Influencer marketing creates local relevance, at scale.

This was the foundation of Whalar’s collaboration with Davines and Hyperlocology.

Hyperlocal marketing works by being community specific. This principle mirrors that of our micro (approximately under 100,000 followers) influencers, who possess a genuine following that is often concentrated to their local areas. Juxtaposed to this would be the large, macro and celebrity influencers who garner a global legion of fans.

For Davines, we leveraged the principles of local marketing on a larger scale and targeted the East and West coast. When connecting with creators, we pinpointed their audience locations. Davines and Hyperlocology levergaged this information to target brand messages to the different communities.


Hannah Dixon, Marketing Director Davines (North America) sheds light on how we used this strategy to seamlessly position Davines at the local level with a deeper brand narrative.

“Understanding our consumer and how they engage with our brand at the local level is really important to us. Davines has been built through local relationships at the salon level and we wanted our messaging to be curated and specific to each community. Audience targeting alone is not enough, we wanted to tailor messages at scale with local relevance. This belief has been an integral part of our success. The ability to identify communities and address them each specifically no matter where they are online with content curated to their geography is the experience we want to create for our customers.”

Building a Narrative

Matchmaking is the essential component to unlocking influencer marketing's potential. By leveraging Hypercology’s expertise in geotargeting, combined with the careful curation process from our client services team, we were able to source creators of authentic brand affiliation, without sacrificing creativity or location. These key ingredients came together to evoke a powerful campaign that simultaneously tapped into local audiences, roughly 3,000 miles apart.

Davines, from the very start, were clear on the purpose of this campaign. A sustainable brand, they wanted to push their narrative across the East and West coast within a location-specific narrative.

Cue our creators with influence.

Patrick Pleiss, Head of Operations and Partnerships at Hyperlocology, highlighted the importance of creating bespoke user experiences for consumers through relevant creators.

Through a partnership with Whalar, a leading creative influencer marketing company, Davines selected authentic, diverse and brand-aligned local influencers and created assets specific to each influencer which were then assigned to the relevant geos and used across multiple marketing channels. Utilizing Hyperlocology’s Distributed Automated Marketing platform, Davines was able to seamlessly build, execute, and optimize hundreds of specialized local marketing campaigns within one user interface.

Both Davines and Hyperlocology share a mutual understanding - hyperlocal is as much about location-specific as it is locally-relevant. When viewed through this lens, a hyperlocal marketing partnership will drive outsized results against marketing and sales objectives both in-store and online. Consider how “hair care” and “sustainability” mean different things to each community, and each person within that community. Customs, competition, and demographics all vary greatly by location, and drive how consumers interact with the brand and ultimately influence purchase decisions.”


Creative Direction

Whalar commissioned 40 assets via 9 creative and environmentally conscious creators who could endorse the brand’s message of sustainability without losing their integrity. With an average following of around 50-60k, our creators hit that sweet spot of combining the healthy reach that entices marketers, without the dissociation from followers if they become too big or mainstream.

Using the message of #SustainableBeauty, our creators had clear storytelling direction when interacting with the brand on their channels. xDuring our search, we looked for creators who had a unique voice and a natural affinity to sustainability and a conscious lifestyle, meaning their followers would instantly link brand attributes with established narratives. This was a crucial element to the campaign. For Davines, their value extends far beyond revenue, their identity is synonymous with their sustainable vision for beauty.

When dealing with influencers, a brand is relinquishing a certain amount of creative control. This can initially appear to be a large step for clients, and is particularly relevant when you’re influencing brand culture, as well as product. However, when executed with creators who are capable of putting their own spin on a narrative, it is highly effective. Instead of one slogan per area, Davines were able to use unique perspectives on its product and purpose for different regions. Offering a broader creative scope for their brand and gaining a social traction that is difficult to replicate in-house or via traditional methods.

A healthy engagement of 6.37% echoed the strong matchmaking. Three of our creators - @justincblomgren, @stellasimona and @byjenniferleigh -  had in-salon experiences as part of a deeper and high-touch experience with the brand. Experiences like this offer a level of brand education that not only deepens the local relevance that Davines has always championed, but also fuelled content performance due to an authentic approach. Culminating in our creators over-delivering in content, solidifying brand affinity and adding greater commercial value in assets with no added cost.


Although social engagement is a useful indicator of campaign success, we are increasingly looking to the ROI to solidify influencer marketing’s maturity in the advertising space. As Whalar’s relationship with Davines and Hyperlocology continues to flourish, we are able to gauge first hand how this collaboration has impacted their business.

“We are extremely proud of the results from our first digital campaign in partnership with Hyperlocology and Whalar. It was a big step for our brand to test advertising online for the first time and partner with influencers in paid manner. This campaign hit the marketing sweet spot of delivering a measurable and immediate sales return and growing brand awareness. Davines was able to achieve a three-fold direct sales return on investment for this campaign, over 130% vs the target, while also growing our brand awareness off a small investment by reaching over 11M people via the influencer campaign and the digital advertising.

It also provided great insights into the geographies of our consumers across North America and showed us how authentic, diverse and brand-aligned content can deliver real engagement with the brand. Since the initial campaign, we’ve continued to leverage the learnings, share the content with our wider audience and salon network and partner with Hyperlocology who are supporting our strong ecommerce growth. This in turn enables us to support our salons as we drive brand awareness, content and footfall their way.  - Hannah Dixon, Marketing Director Davines (North America)

The commercial success of this campaign is a nod to the absolute necessity of providing tailored marketing within social strategy. Being able to adapt is the essence of collaboration, something Hyperlocology recognised if they were to help convert sourcing relevant influencer into sales:

For Davines, increasing revenue and providing a relevant customer experience required a new hyperlocal approach. One not possible through traditional automated display media buying terminals that apply optimizations more broadly across local audiences and operate independently. Execution must be handled differently. Community messaging. Community data.  Community growth. Together, we understand that identifying and addressing relevant audiences within specific geolocations with unique messaging ultimately drives faster and greater results. Patrick Pleiss, Head of Operations and Partnerships

Echoed and re-affirmed by our Managing Director of North America, Jo Cronk:

Our partnership with Davines and Hyperlocology brought to life what Whalar does best: matching brands to the most relevant creators who are able to tell the right story to the right audience via captivating content that engages and inspires. The ability to do this with a local lens on national scale only further illustrates the value of amazing partners who trust in our technology and craft. This was a thrilling campaign for the Whalar team, and we’re so excited by its results. Jo Cronk, MD, North America, Whalar

...I couldn't have put it better myself! If you'd like to learn more about the work we do here at Whalar, please contact us on studio@whalar.com.

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