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Krystal Rodriguez is 'The Rodzilla'. Well, according to her Instagram handle, anyway. Her feed feels like one big party; with splashes of neon, glitter and hot pink featuring in many of her posts. If you want to inject some fun into your timeline, you need to follow The Rodzilla.

How did you get started?

I work for a social media agency called The Book Agency, and before that I worked at a fashion agency. I have always had a keen interest in travel and taking pictures, so I guess I just started to post about things I liked it, and it just kind of became a thing, which is fun!

Where do you find inspiration?

I really love going away. Maybe it's because of English weather but I just get really itchy feet if I am not out of town every so often. I try and do things I normally wouldn't do in my daily routine. Sometimes you can go weeks just seeing nothing more than whats on your daily commute and it can be really uninspiring. Then randomly, something sensory will just hit you, and you get a rush of excitement.

How do you decide what to share and what to keep private?

That’s a really great question. I am very well aware of the fact that people try and portray a perfect life on social media and I don’t want to fall under that category. At the same time, some things don’t belong on social media.

I believe people should keep Instagram the fun social channel that it is. That being said, certain current affairs make me feel like I have a responsibility to use my platform to vocalise how I feel about certain controversial subjects, and it doesn’t always appeal to my followers. I have lost followers when I asked for people to donate items to Grenfell Towers victims in my charity drive, or when vocalising my sentiments about election day. Then I will go through my direct messages and see some really nice comments from people, and you realise it's worth it. One girl told me that because of my post, her and her family decided to go vote. I was so elated. I guess you just have to go with your gut and do what feels right. If for example, you suffer from depression and you can use your platform to help others, and are willing to open up publicly, then that's a great example of how you can support people, charities and causes, and use your platform for good. That's the beauty of social media.

Any tips and tricks to your photos?

Always make sure that your lens is clean, and try and get as bright a light as possible! I think my pictures always have centre focus, which probably comes from years and years of being a Wes Anderson fan. Hashtag What Would Wes Anderson Do!

What camera and editing software do you use?

I keep it simple, normally just my phone and a bit of VSCO cam; maybe my cannon g16 if I feel fancy. I do have my eye on a Sony a5100 or a Fuji X-T10 as I really like the look of the images they create.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetics?

I still feel like Instagram is a creative platform and should be used as such. I’m bored by accounts who just post everything in their camera roll. I think a nice feed takes a little curation.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I’m totally irrationally terrified of outer space. No romantic nights under the stars for me!

What’s been your favourite piece of creative work to date?

When I was kid I did a recreation of Van Gogh’s Starry night with coloured pencil, probably that.

The best thing about being a creator?


If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Stop over plucking your eyebrows.

Thanks, Krystal!