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@hiro_510, "It's not the colours you see with your eyes"

Hiro Goto is a Tokyo based photographer, documenting his city in all of its colourful glory. The way he captures lighting creates a bustling city vibe; he has the sort of feed that makes a place you've never been feel like home.

How did you get started?

The reason why I started taking pictures is because I wanted to record the daily life of the city where I live. Although I only took the picture and did nothing with it at the beginning, I then decided to downloaded Instagram to share my photos with people all over the world.
I am pleased that I can share everyday things with lots of people. I became crazy about taking pictures.

Where do you find inspiration?

Every moment in the city is the source of my inspiration. But when light and shadows are added, it's even more inspirational.

How do you decide what to share and what to keep private?

If you can feel the emotional part of Japan from that picture, I will post it. In contrast, I don't post private shots, because I want everyone to enjoy it - not just me.

Where is the best kept secret in your area?

For me it's Eric's kitchen. It takes two hours by car from tmy hometown, but the dishes are really delicious and the atmosphere of the shop is really relaxing.

Any tips and tricks to your photos?

I make my photos more colourful than reality. For beautiful pictures, it's not the colours you see with your eyes, but the colours in peoples minds.

What camera and editing software do you use?

I usually shoot using Sony a7ii, and edit in Lightroom.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetics?

It's the reality of the city, and the landscape in Japan.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

Ummm, nothing in particular!

What’s been your favourite piece of creative work to date?

It is a photograph at the intersection of Ginza, where winter light and shadow intersect.

The best thing about being a creator?

Momentary impression

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Get a camera right now!

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

@edwardkb, his work always makes me excited.

Thanks, Hiro!