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How Do You Reach 100k Followers? Tips from Influencers who have done it

When you start to grow as an influencer, a hundred thousand followers starts to feel like a goalpost. It marks you as a midtail influencer, it's triple digits, and it's the first time the coveted 'million' seems within reach. We spoke to influencers with 100k followers and over, about how they managed to grow their following whilst simultaneously keeping their loyal audience engaged.

Julia of @juliamateian says that you should "work on your feed aesthetic - keep it cohesive and visually attractive, but also engage with your audience - try and answer any questions your followers may have". She also says that if you share the love, you'll feel it back, asking "what accounts inspire you? Liking and commenting on others can only do good for yours! You should also be active on Instagram stories - show some behind the scenes of your "real" life"'.

Minnie Seibt, most commonly known as @minnieknows, agrees with Julia, suggesting that to grow your following you 'should post regularly high quality content, but especially authentic content.' She also says you should 'interact with you followers by answering questions in the comments section' and 'use Instagram stories to generate traffic to your Instagram page, but also show you readers your personal side'.

Minnie also has a number of logistical tips to reach the coveted number, suggesting 'you could collaborate with other bloggers by sharing content together', and says you should always 'make sure to use the right hashtags (i.e smaller ones are better to get ranked in the top page instead of huge one with over millions users)'.

Oumayma from @oumaymaboumeshouli is all about the aesthetics, saying 'my top tip is to focus on your feed, the first 9 images are the images people will see and decide if they will follow you or not.' However, the personal does also play a part of growing your audience; 'people also love personal stuff, I post my own editorials on my page and it's sometimes hard to gain good engagement. But when I post a mirror selfie of myself in a changing room it gets surprisingly a lot of engagement. I thinks that's because people can relate to that kind of stuff, mix it up a bit!'

What's your number one tip for growing your following? Let us know in the comments, or on our socials!