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How to Make Your Feed More Festive

Even the scroogiest of Grinches can't deny that Christmas time is well and truly here. Be it the abundance fairy lights illuminating living rooms, the rampant offer of gift receipts, or simply the chill that makes you wish you had put on that jumper under your coat this morning, the big day is approaching - whether you like it or not. And the leaves aren't the only things changing; Instagram accounts will soon begin incorporating everything festive into once-minimalistic aesthetics. We spoke to some influencers about how to make your 'gram gorgeous this festive season, whether you're a brand or an influencer.


Using simple props in your Instagram photos is a great way to liven up your feed and differentiate the images as Christmas content. But they don't have to be costly; @local_milk suggests using items from the garden. "Use seasonal greenery & flora in your photos — spruce, fir, pine, magnolia, juniper, bare twigs, dried pods, and eucalyptus are all personal favourites." @sienna.and.i agrees, saying "think about what nature can offer your posts. Gather items such as acorns, Holly and berries. You could also add a pair of Christmas socks."

You can also use other bits and bobs laying around the house;

"using cozy props like knits, cups of cider or cocoa, lit candles, and warm backgrounds like rustic wood or natural linen, will help you create a magical feel."

"You could also try some fairy lights and candles to give warmth to dark posts, big blankets with different tones and textures give that extra cosy feeling too. Oversized jumpers are always a must for this time of year, and switch your beloved cups of tea and coffee for hot chocolates covered in marshmallows and cinnamon sticks", suggests @sienna.and.i.


Lighting can be a huge issue for photographers in winter, as the nights draw in and the window of opportunity for well lit photos becomes smaller and smaller. @local_milk says that to counteract this, you should go with what nature gives you.

"Moody, directional lighting has a wintery feel and invokes the feeling of the short, cozy days of winter."

@sienna.and.i agrees, "as the fading light isn't something we can stop we should just embrace it. At this time of year people want to see cosy images by log fires. So allow your feed to go a little darker. If you don't want to go to dark then checkerboard your posts, as I have with mine."

Taking advantage of the little natural light possible is also a suggestion from @geoffreyandgrace,

"Natural daylight can be hard to find in the Winter months, so my first top tip would be to move the flat lay surface you are styling right over to the window so you get as much natural daylight for your photograph as possible."


When the natural lighting isn't there, the next best thing is editing apps to achieve the desired look. Winter is a time to get creative when editing your images; "you could try some new editing apps to create special effects, such as Bokeh effects" suggests @sienna.and.i. This gives the illusion of snow, and a magical atmosphere, adding to the Christmassy feel.

However, you don't just had to 'edit' virtually - you can also add a whole host of colours, textures and effects to your images in real life. My suggestion? Furs, velvets, heavy cable knits; add extra materials for a more tactile and 'rich' feel to your photos.

"I always think about what atmosphere and feeling I’m trying to communicate through the image. Think about adding various textures through different props to help you tell your visual story", says @geoffreyandgrace.

How do you make your feed more festive? Let us know in the comments below or chat to us via our socials!