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How To Use The New Instagram 'Follow Hashtags' Tool

Another day, another Instagram update. The newest feature allows you to follow a certain hashtag; go on, try it. Click on one and it will give you the option to 'follow' it. Cool, huh? But why would you need this feature? Surely if you wanted to check a hashtag, you could just search it yourself? Here's our handy guide on why you should be following hashtags.

What does the new 'following a hashtag' feature mean?

It means you can now:

1) See the top performing posts from your favourite hashtags

2) View the latest stories that use that hashtag

3) You can also see what hashtags people are following on their profiles

How will this help me as a creator?

**1)** It allows you to keep up with creator circles - following popular blogger hashtags give you the ability to easily keep up to date with similar content

2) You can follow branded hashtags from brands you aspire to work with, to see what kind of content they like, and what creators they work with

3) You can keep up to date with other branded content on campaigns you're working on, to gain inspiration and interact with your fellow influencers

How will this help me as a brand?

**1)** Easily keep track of your branded hashtag

2) Keep up to date with new industry trends. Say you're a food brand and there's a new pudding trend, you can follow hashtags to see ways chefs are innovating and expanding on the trend - so you always stay ahead of the crowd

How are you planning to use the new feature? Let us know in the comments or via our socials!

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