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Instagram Stories 'Highlights' feature: How Do I Use It?

This week, Instagram have created the 'Instagram Stories Highlights' feature, which allows you to save an unlimited amount of stories to your profile, for an unlimited amount of time.

Essentially, you can now make your 24 hour stories last a lifetime; merging the line between disappearing story content, and curated feed images. On how the switch up will affect often perfectionist content creators, RGA writes that the infiltration of Stories to main feeds might be a positive, suggesting that "it portends a future where the high-fidelity content of Instagram’s main feed and other social platforms begins to take on a more raw, unpolished feel." Essentially, content creators can relax and experiment more than a polished feed may allow for.

@everchanginghorizon for Apple Music

I'm a creator - how do I use the new function?

Sometimes, the best content is off the cuff (well, Instagram now allows you to add any content in your camera roll to your story - so it can be less 'off the cuff' if you so prefer!). For whatever reason your Instagram story turns out great, you don't lose it after the 24 hours is up; so you, and your followers, can review it whenever they want.

You can also categorise your stories, grouping them together by content. Go through a week of delicious daily recipes? You can now save them all together, permanently, on your page, in a recipes folder. This allows your followers to view the parts of your page that they love easily.

You can also use stories highlights as an opportunity to promote your other ventures, such as blog posts or YouTube videos. Stories are often more spontaneous and fun, by posting them to your highlights they also allow new visitors to your grid a sneak peak into your 'behind the scenes' life.

@fleurandrea for Sunspel

I'm a brand, can I use it?

Of course - permanent Stories is a great feature for your brand to utilise. Think of it a bit like a show reel. For example, if you're a fashion line, why not save your seasonal Instagram stories to your page to showcase the best of your A/W or S/S looks?

Stories Highlights is also a great way to group together a bank of your best user generated content, showing new customers how your product or service is used via authentic photography and endorsement, which can be permanently attached at the top of your business profile.

You could also show off blogger reviews, or use it as a vehicle to direct consumers to upcoming events or recent press that you're proud of.

@imdrewscott for G-Star RAW

What do you think of the new Instagram feature? Will you be using it? Do you like the blurred line between spontaneous and permanent content? Let us know in the comments below or via our socials.

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