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@jadepearl_ | "Instagram allows me to express myself freely"

Jade Pearl is one of the most talented young creators we have in our midst. Highly creative and multifaceted, she offers brands an entirely fresh perspective within a space that is becoming increasingly harder to stand out.

What does creativity mean to you?

Self-expression at the most vulnerable form of one's self. Through emotions, morals and belief systems.

How has influencer marketing changed and what does the future hold?

I believe it has drastically matured through the rise of original content creation. Authenticity and new and improved apps to help with the collaboration process have lead to brands choosing influencer marketing to be a fundamental part of their marketing schemes. It has to be taken more seriously to be allowed to develop. The market is still in its infancy, but definitely has a lot of room to grow and change for the better.

What do you love best about being able to use Instagram to promote your art?

Instagram allows me to express myself freely. More so, I love how it can be instantly seen by so many people! It’s amazing how my raw thought and creative processes can be documented and shared with my followers. It enables them to connect with me as an artist, as well as the final product/piece. It has been a huge success and I am so grateful to have a platform that allows me to showcase my creativity.

What, if any, tips would you like to share with other creators?

Be consistent with your creative content, and create with a purpose behind your work.

What challenges to brands face in the influencer marketing space?

I believe brands have issues with trusting that influencers are real, and they haven’t just bought their followers. Most real influencers will react to brands they want to work with positively, and put in the effort to create amazing content for that brand. Creating a great relationship with brands is also what matters to gain trust both for creator and client.

Brands that are killing it right now?

I love Christopher Raeburn and his sustainable concepts of reusing materials to create high fashion garments. I have always had a thing for Acne studio, as aesthetically they are just amazing. Nike are always killing it, and I do love how Adidas are re-creating their sustainable concept “Parley” and putting on exhibitions to showcase this. I am happy that brands like H&M are releasing their conscious collection too - the larger global brands influence the consumer on a far larger scale.

What are the key ingredients to a complete brief from a brand?

  • Brand ethos
  • Mood board images and words
  • Why the brand like my style and what I can bring to them
  • What they want from me
  • Clear outline of the content they want me to create.

Your greatest artistic influence?

I actually draw inspiration from energies and the world! I draw my main inspiration from my own research of morals and beliefs, and I find my colourful creativity within me. I admire others work when I come across it, for example in art exhibitions and shows, but I don’t intentionally look at others for inspiration.

What words sum up your job title?

Creative, Model, Artist and Influencer

For more contemporary artistic brilliance, and inspiration for how Instagram can be such a powerful platform for young creators, drop Jade a follow here.