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Learn | Branded Content with @jack.designs

What is branded content?

It's essentially a form of advertising, but packaged in the form of non-branded (i.e. normal) content. So this could be anything from an Instagram post, to a magazine article, or a film and much more.

What is it used for?

To sell products to the right audiences. Branded content is meant to interest, inspire, educate and inform consumers, resulting in brand advocacy and ultimately, sales.

How do I create branded content?

By collaborating with a brand. It's a very mutual process, whereby they produce a brief, and you create content based on that brief, while also remaining true to your own brand.

Who is the expert?

Jack is a grooming and lifestyle blogger, as well as content creator who has a lot of brand experience. Having created branded content for a variety of brands ranging from Hendricks Gin to Hula Hoops to Khiels.

What's their advice?

For me creating content with brands is all about being genuine, only work with brands you truly love and enjoy yourself! Trying to push a product or service you don't actually 'like' can easily be spotted. As for actually creating the content, I think its really important that it represent YOUR style, for example: I'm obsessed with shadow and dark lighting at the moment, this shows throughout all my most recent posts.

Want to know more?

Follow @jack.designs or visit no34.org.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar