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Learn | Food Flatlay with @grungeee

What is a Food Flatlay?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. When you take a picture of food ‘laid flat’ - and always from a bird’s eye view.

What is it Used For?

To showcase the whole meal at one time in a stylistic way. The competition is fierce to take the best food flat lays.

How do I Take a Food Flatlay?

By standing over the food and shooting. Firstly, arrange the food so that all the dishes are distinguishable and, of course, visually appealing. A tripod or some sort of stabiliser is essential to the image staying ‘flat’.

Who is The Expert?

Nadia Fauzi (@grungeee) creates beautiful imagery of her life in London with friends and family. Her flat lays are typically of mouthwatering meals inspired by her homeland of Malaysia, by the vast array of culinary treats on offer in our capital city, and by her travels.

What’s Their Advice?

“The biggest factor to consider before a flatlay is light! It's all about getting that really soft natural light (preferably in the morning). Direct sunlight is often too harsh, and artificial lighting can make the whole photograph yellow and seem really unnatural. Use a benchtop or floor space right next to a window but be careful to not have your back facing the window as this will result in a shadow, unless of course, that is intentional.”

Want to Know More?

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Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar