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Learn | Food Photography with Cakes By Cliff

What is food photography?

You've definitely already participated in this trend. That avo on toast you 'grammed last Sunday at a hipster café? Food photography. That Snapchat you proudly posted of the cupcakes you made for the bake sale? Food photography. Taking pictures of food can be tricky. If the plating isn't Michelin star standard, the photo might look messy, and if you spend too long taking photos, your delicious meal will go cold. But don't worry, Clifford Luu of CakesByCliff is here to help.

What is food photography used for?

For your average Joe, food photography is used to show off the cool little restaurant you discovered at the weekend. For the professionals, however, it can be used as a way to promote their business (how many times have you decided to try out a new brunch spot based on their popularity on Instagram? Exactly.)

How do I take beautiful food photos?

We spoke to the expert, CakesByCliff. Clifford Luu is a 'cake atelier', creating bespoke sweet treats from Australia, and he also holds cake decorating classes. Oh, and his food photos make our mouths water. Here's his advice:

"Find the best spot in your house where there is abundance of natural light, taking into consideration whether the afternoon or morning light is better."

"Place your 'hero object' on the table first and slowly insert smaller objects to tell a story. A spoon next to a sliced cake with a rustic napkin tells a personal story."

When's the best time and place to take food photos?

Normally, natural lighting is best before 3pm, or at 'Golden Hour' for a more radiant glow (usually just before sunset). When eating at restaurants we don't have the luxury of picking and choosing aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for food photography, but our one top tip is to sit outside wherever possible for the best lighting (weather depending!). A natural table setting also seems to resonate better with viewers, so don't be afraid to wrinkle your napkin or get lipstick on your wine glass!

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