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Learn | Food Styling with Steven Fingar

What is Food Styling?

Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty, fresh, and super Instagrammable.

Who is the expert?

@stevenfingar. Being an iPone photographer, unsurprisingly, Steven's advice is all about how to work the lighting.

"Since I only take pictures with my iPhone 6+, I am usually at the mercy of good lighting when taking photos of food."

"The best type of lighting for me is soft and diluted - much like a cloudy day. This allows me to have more variability with how I am able to capture the food, as well as more flexibility when it comes time to edit the end product."

How do I do it?

Don't be afraid to get your friends involved! A hand holding a tea cup, an arm outreached for a scone, some crumbs on the table; it all makes for a more organic photograph.

Thanks, @stevenfingar!