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Learn | Hyperlapse with @tobishinobi

What is a Hyperlapse?

It’s a timelapse… but hyper. If you don’t know what a time lapse is, it’s a video made up of shorter individual frames which are then sped up. Hyperlapse uses the same method, except the camera is also moving.

What is it Used For?

Generally used to record long journeys. Hyperlapse videos tend to focus on one spot whilst the rest of the scenery moves around that spot.

How Do I Create One?

Using the timelapse function on your phone or camera, stay focused on one point in the horizon and move. A steady hand is required.

Who is the Expert?

Tobi Shinobi (@tobishinobi) is a London born photographer who describes his style as a “focus on symmetry, finding beauty in the often gritty London streets, and an appreciation for the capital’s stunning architecture”. An all round city dweller, Tobi’s content has been captured in the likes of Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai. He has worked with brands such as Uber, Adidas and Sony.

What’s Their Advice?

“Like any kind of photography, you can increase your chances of success by planning before you start using any equipment. A lot of the time, when I'm looking for good Hyperlapse places, I won't necessarily know when I'm going to use it, but I'll have a good idea of where a Hyperlapse will work very, very well. So if I find, for instance, a long journey and I know that that journey is going to go through an interesting area or the journey has lots of twists and turns then this tends to works well.

If you're using your phone to capture the Hyperlapse you're going to want the image quality to be as high as possible. So if you're shooting through windows you're going to want to have the glass as clean as you can get it. Or do as much as you can to remove reflections because they're going to reduce the image quality”

Want to Know More?

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Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar