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Learn | Minimalism Photography with @charliemay

What is minimalism photography?

Minimalism photography is lots of white space, striking images and clean lines. Your favourite luxury fashion blogger (who seems to exclusively wear various shades of grey) probably implements an element of minimalism photography within their feed.

Who is the expert?

@CharlieMay. Charlie's an OG minimalism blogger and fashion designer, with her crisp white feed dating way back before it became a trend. Every photo is simple; made up of perfect composition and excellent quality. Charlie says she's a "sucker for white space, so it appears in most of my content it would seem."

Here's her advice:

"With regards to keeping a consistent colour on my feed I like to keep in mind my Instagram grid when I shoot; if I feel like I've been too busy, I will seek out a more minimal space to shoot in, which will help keep it cleaner."

Charlie also suggests using editing apps to keep a consistent colour scheme

"I always edit my images using VSCO cam keeping in mind a muted palette and dark tones throughout."

How can I incorporate this into my own feed?

Like Charlie suggests, editing apps can do most of the legwork for you. If you want a 'clean' Instagram feed, try using a brightening tool on your photos. To keep a visually appealing theme without really even trying, always use the same filter. Most apps let you customise the 'amount' of said filter you use, so try and keep this consistent too.

Additionally, there are also apps available that let you 'plan out' your Instagram picture before you actually post the photo, to see how it would add to the feed as a whole. Handy!

Thanks, @charliemay!