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Learn | Stop Motion with @cestmaria

What is Stop Motion?

Most well known to 90s kids as the method used to create Wallace and Gromit. Stop motion is an animation that is captured one frame at a time, typically using physical objects, which are moved in increments between frames. When the sequence of frames are sped up, the illusion of movement is created.

What is it Used For?

To bring life to otherwise inanimate objects. Although each frame may be simple, the overall technique requires a great deal of attention to detail and patience, meaning that stop motion content usually impresses even the most cynical eyes.

How do I Create a Stop Motion?

Arrange your first frame. Shoot. Move an object slightly. Shoot. Repeat until you've reached the desired ending. Loop frames together into a film.

Who is the Expert?

Marioly Vazquez (@cestmaria) has mastered the art of stop motion. She collaborates with brands to create fun pieces that reflect her unique use of colour and whimsical style.

What’s Their Advice?

“Plan ahead: Sketch each frame so that you have a clear idea of how you’d like to shoot. Work out which equipment you’ll need to use. Calculate how long it will take to set up each frame.

It is very difficult to do it all over again!”

Want to Know More?

Follow @cestmaria and visit her website.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar