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Learn | Travel Photography with GypsyLovinLight

What is travel photography?

Travel photography is the highly competitive art of capturing travels on film.

What is it used for?

To take your audience to a certain place, to evoke a memory, to educate. Travel is not only big business, it's a hobby for many, and the right imagery is crucial.

How do I take travel photography?

Remember you've travelled to a new place, so try to highlight the parts that make that particular place worth travelling to. One difficulty is maintaining quality while photographing on the go, as you can't carry equipment everywhere, so consider taking multipurpose tech.

Who is the expert?

Helen Bense, otherwise known as GypsyLovinLight is the epitome of bohemian sea gypsy. From a Finnish - Australian background, she is married to American photographer, Bobby Bense, whom she met on a road trip. They both have two children together, and are regularly sharing photographs from trips to exotic locations such as Bali and Dubai, or from their own corner of the world in Western Australia. If anyone has honed travel photography, it's Helen.

What is their advice?

One of my best things we have done recently is purchase a camera with wifi capability. When you are on the go and want to share your imagery as you take it, you can transfer an image within minutes to your smart phone, making it so much easier to post on social media. With the use of the Lightroom editing app it has allowed us even more time to enjoy our travels and share them with everyone simultaneously.

Want to know more?

Follow @gypsylovinlight or visit gypsylovinlight.com.

All photographs by @bobbybense.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar