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Learn | Visual Marketing Strategy with @luba.shraga

What is a visual marketing strategy?

With so much content available, we have quickly become accustomed to skim reading text (you might even be skim reading this right now). Visuals are increasingly important as a form of communication for brands because they gain more attention. Creating a visual marketing strategy is essential for brands if they want to gain draw more people in to their content.

What is it used for?

To plan, execute and analyse the use of visuals to communicate with various audiences.

How do I create one?

It's all about testing what works best for you. Start with publishing visuals at the same time everyday, then once you've collected that data, start tweaking the basic strategy to test it against the primary data.

Who is the expert?

Luba Shraga is an Israeli based content creator and visual marketer. She runs her own consultancy business to help brands with their visual marketing strategy.

What's their advice?

My top tip for creating a well balanced visual marketing strategy is to always remember that photos can speak louder than words, but in order to do so, they need to be able to tell a story that people can relate to. During the course of my work as a business co-owner of the "Social girls" (A boutique media agency that specializes in visual marketing) , I've noticed that the best performing photos are the ones that are able to capture a moment (even when that moment is carefully styled). Photos that convey an emotion, portray a certain mood or connect to a special day - will trigger an emotional response regardless of how polished the actual image looks. Although creating the most accurate composition and meticulously arranging the technical aspects are necessary, the value of the photo will be in its story.

Want to know more?

Follow @luba.shraga or @TheSocialGirls.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar