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Learn | Yoga Photography with RobinMartinYoga

What is yoga photography?

It's the art of photographing yoga and is extremely popular on Instagram - there are over 35 million posts about yoga.

What is it used for?

Although yoga isn't necessarily about ego or how you look, photographing it is either essential for promoting yoga businesses, or for when you just want to share a particular move or pose that you are proud of.

How do I photograph yoga?

Yoga is playful, and this should be mirrored in your photography, but bear in mind these two tips; First, shoot low, as yoga tends to be practiced at ground level on a mat. Secondly, if you are photographing yourself, a self timer and a camera stabiliser are essential, as holding the camera will disrupt your form.

Who is the expert?

Robin Martin is an AcroYoga practitioner, which is the combination of acrobatics and yoga. She has amassed over 300k followers on Instagram thanks to her impressive poses and beautiful photography.

What's their advice?

To create beautiful yoga photography, keep it simple - be the subject, don't try to compete with a busy background. Good lighting is as important as good alignment in your yoga pose. Play with elements that make a yoga pose photo interesting - symmetry, reflection, outdoor vs studio.

Want to know more?

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Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

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