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COVID Insight | Social Stats + Key Trends

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Key Takeaways:

- What emotive style of content is resonating with audiences.

- Key insight to help brands + influencers re-define their strategy.

- How to make a positive difference during a time of widespread consumer anxiety.

Since the global lockdown, an unprecedented amount of people are online and social media consumption has been at an all time high. However, as time spend online increases, how and why consumers are engaging with social content is also evolving.

Organic Posts are Reaching More People

Above: Follower Reach Rate (FRR) trend, pre and post-lockdown.

Key Takeaways

- Follower Reach Rate (FRR)* has been trending down since the start of 2020, but since March FRR has increased by +20.1% (US) and +15.6% (UK). -

- More followers are spending more time online, and are being reached by more content.

- Post lockdown, the daily increase of content posted has risen 23.3%.

What does this mean for influencers?

Followers are drowning in a deluge of below average content. The key advice for influencers and brands is that, now more than ever, they must create meaningful and purpose-driven content to cut through the clutter. Otherwise, they risk getting lost and forgotten.

To gather the most accurate insight possible, we deep-dived straight into the heart of our global platform, to uncover the essential market trends that are driving social activity.

Our insight method was based on the following:

- We surfaced the most engaging influencer posts by reach engagement rate** and tap back rate***.

- We then analysed the most engaging post- lockdown content and it has generated invaluable insights for brands.

*(reach / followers) x 100 // **images, videos: (engagements/reach) x 100 // ***stories: (taps back/reach) x 100

The Results | Use Influence for Good

Top engagement is coming from value-driven content, often in its most rudimentary and helpful form. This could be from tips, pockets of inspiration, or simply sharing local advice and practical information.

Creators who are gaining momentum are using their influence to directly help others. Such as sharing of government messages to stay at home, maintaining social distancing, or creatively combining emotive imagery with fact-filled captions. Publishing content alongside these trends has proved essential in cutting through the noise.

Among influencers doing good are those actively seeking to positively impact the mental health of their followers. Influencers know their audiences are worried and they’re supporting followers by saying it’s okay not to be okay, encouraging self-care, and creating relatable content.

The need for support is undoubtedly there. Currently, 94% (GlobalWebIndex) of all consumers feel anxious about some aspect of COVID-19.

Looking back, a selection of our most engaging influencers have taken a different route by offering emotional release from the anxiety caused by COVID-19. By replacing anxiety with amusement or warmth, influencers provided relief from the negative feelings followers are currently experiencing. Influencers have a unique ability to intimately connect and relate to their audiences, and this has only been heightened during a state of international lockdown.

Moving Forward | The Power of Emotion

Brands and businesses have the ability to have a positive impact on consumers’ lives by providing following influencers' lead and providing emotional release. Doing so will fundamentally shift their perception in consumers’ minds and pay big dividends when markets and purchasing behaviour return to normality, as their positive impact will be remembered.

But which emotion should a brand evoke?  Brands may seek to evoke a sense of calmness or relief, or perhaps admiration, amusement or awe. There is no one size fits all approach, and each brand will need to decide which emotional space it has a right to occupy and which fits with their values and personality.

Whalar can help brands define an emotional communication strategy using our unique emotional categorisation developed with reference to the world’s leading studies on emotions:

Brands should take inspiration from high performing influencers. As of now, there is a chance to be remembered for a brand that made a difference during this uncertain time. Social media provides mass platforms to publish content that can directly help consumers lives. Now is the time to partner with the right influencer for your brand and speak directly to your audience.

Whalar is a world leader in Influencer strategy. Our unique emotional categorisation tools have been developed to define what content will resonate.

For more information on our insight reporting, brand collaboration or marketing during COVID-19, please contact studio@whalar.com

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