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#ObjectProject_Recycling with @caroline_south

The #ObjectProject is a monthly hashtag that challenges the Instagram community to think creatively about everyday objects.

Throughout these challenges we've asked our community to work with items, each of which has had an inherent use; cars for travelling, windows for looking, trainers for moving, the list goes on. But this month we wanted see if we could push the boundaries and work with an object that would normally be considered useless: Recycling.

Essentially, we want you to reuse an item that would otherwise have been discarded, to create something eye-catching on Instagram. With that in mind, who better for us to have teamed up with than beach cleaner, environmentalist and content creator, @caroline_ south!

Caroline will be judging this months entries and has collaborated with us on an short documentary, showing the creative process behind her work. Her stunning art and passion for beach cleaning are inextricably linked, so be sure to watch on YouTube or IGTV to get inspiration for your entries.

Remember, it's not just about the content you create, it's about how you make it. Whether you repurpose rubbish, up-cycle furniture, or share zero waste tips, we want to see your creative take on #ObjectProject_Recycling.

And don't forget to head over to Pinterest for more inspiration, this months board includes @allthatisshe's 'bin badger', @captainpotter's ocean expose, and @5ftinf's #DomesticForaging.

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