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#ObjectProject_Trainers with @ampisound

*The #ObjectProject is a monthly hashtag that challenges the Instagram community to think creatively about everyday objects.*

Each challenge is set in collaboration with one of Whalar's top creators, who brings their own signature style and expertise to the brief. And for this month's action packed theme, we've teamed up with Scott Bass (aka. professional parkour photographer, @ampisound).

We asked Scott to turn his attention to the trusty trainer, with the help of his friend and long-time collaborator @danielilabaca. In Scott's own words "trainers provide a way for us to interface with the world around us". Trainers are so many things to so many people, whether you're a professional parkour athlete, or a creature of comfort, it's a brief that all of us can get behind, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Find out how Scott and Daniel create their dynamic shots and get inspiration for your own entry to #ObjectProject_Trainers, by watching the video above. And don't forget to check out our Pinterest board for more trainer-inspired content!

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