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#ShareTheMeal - The App that Gets Millennials Giving

ShareTheMeal is a charity initiative of the World Food Program, a humanitarian agency of the United Nations. To find out more, check out their website, and to really make a difference, download their app to feed a child for as little as 35p. The app is targeted at Millennial donors who don’t always carry cash, but are always near their phones.

The Collaboration

A campaign that fielded a combined reach of 2.85 million, with engagements totaling 233,308 from 104 separate pieces of content posted by 55 Content Creators.

The overall cost? £0

Whalar’s desire to connect with initiatives that really matter has been strengthened this month through our first ever pro bono collaboration with #ShareTheMeal. To mark World Food Day on the 16th of October, our partnership aimed to ignite awareness for hungry children across the globe, driving both app downloads and meal donations in equal measure.

Content from our Client Executive and creator, Imii Mace

By engaging both Whalar’s digital reach and the selfless support of our influencer community, we were able to achieve outstanding statistical results, as well as spark discussion around the initiative. Ultimately this culminated in a wider educational drive of the issues ShareTheMeal seeks to resolve.

Without shared meals, there are no stories to tell.

The success of the campaign can not only be seen in Instagram engagements, but more importantly in the dramatic spike in app downloads on the day. Through the use of both feed and story content, the online community was able to raise awareness for ShareTheMeal, and in turn, translate that awareness into action.

Storytelling content from @geoffreyandgrace

As posts went live and positive comments came flooding in, we reached out to our client to get their perspective on the work. Mufadal Jiaji, Head of Marketing at ShareTheMeal - had this to say:

“ShareTheMeal were thrilled with our collaboration with Whalar for World Food Day. We wanted to promote our cause through a grass-roots movement and Whalar’s content creators were the perfect match. Combined with the effortlessness of working with Whalar’s diligent team, we executed a campaign that exceeded all of our expectations. With over 50 content creators helping to drive an uplift of 800 Instagram followers and help raise 50,000 meals for children over the world”.

We're delighted as ever that our client come away happy with a project, and we're particularly proud of how widely this collaboration resonated.

A playful image that was also the winner from this months #ObjectProject! From @kerryvillers

Duality of results

Results often don’t tell the whole story of a collaboration, and what also stood out with #ShareTheMeal is the level of innovation displayed by our creators. Their enthusiasm for the project mirrored the importance of the campaign, as well as the urgency for awareness to be spread.

There was a genuine desire from each creator to produce something that made people stop scrolling and fully digest the mission of ShareTheMeal. This was facilitated by an artistically liberal brief, allowing the influencers to create in a way that would best capture the attention of their audience.

The fact that our brief was so open speaks to the trust we have in our creators. Trust between a client and influencer is something we cultivate, and alongside the amazing messaging of the campaign, this collaboration offered a platform to showcase just that.

Beautiful light from @sukainarajabali

To get both sides of the story, we asked our in-house Visual Content Producer and influencer, Emily Freda Sharp, about her experiences working on the campaign:

Content creation can be a driving force for awareness, but what makes this campaign stand out against Whalar’s previous collaborations?

Given that this was our first ever pro bono campaign, I think that the freedom prescribed to the creators involved was the key to its success. More than ever before, the captions were able to be open about the ins and outs of the collaboration, the cause, and the individual’s honest motivations for wanting to take part.

Artistic imagery by @franzisaidwhat

Do projects such as this hold the key for future generations to get involved in charity?

I definitely think that the app is an amazing way to tap into and kick-start a new generation of charitable action.

The reaction so far has been amazing - as an employee at Whalar, why do you think the results are resonating so well across our community?

I think that the reason for the campaign’s resonance across the board lies in the open, honesty of each of the creators’ captions. An amazing conversation took place across Stories and amongst the comment sections of the content created, which was full of a genuine excitement and buzz around the cause.

'Buzz’ is definitely the optimum word.

Organic table setting by @mimilabesa

This buzz is reflected in the passion shown from one of our favourite creators, @adanna_david. Adanna discusses how she drew on her wider understanding of the issues that #ShareMyMeal tackles:

How to do you feel about cutting through all the noise on Instagram and publishing content with an amazing initiative behind it?

It was an honour to be a part of this campaign for so many reasons: Being a doctor, a mother, and running my own charity organisation, it's become the norm to ask "how much?" when we get invited to be a part of an initiative or campaign. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting paid for work that you do, it's important to think about the impact of these charitable causes and get involved, so that ultimately we can make the world a better place - and specifically with #ShareTheMeal, live in a world where children have access to healthy meals.

In a world where fewer and fewer millennials carry cash, are these kinds of projects the future of charity?

Yes, most certainly! We live in a very digitised and fast-paced world - any charity donations that involve cash, bank transfers, postal orders or even a log in with more than a 5-step process will certainly lose out. I'm grateful for organizations like the World Food Programme who, with the help of technology, can create initiatives that bridge the gap between communities who are fortunate enough to be able to make these donations, and those who need them.

What was the inspiration behind your content?

My inspiration was my children: Kian and Noah. I love their appetite and I love that I can prepare their meals. Kian is almost 3 now and he makes eating so much fun, I continuously find ways to disguise food he normally wouldn't eat and get him to enjoy the process. Noah who is now 7 months is still experimenting with puréed food but seems to love everything that is put in front of him.

That being said, it breaks my heart to know that there are little kids who unfortunately don't have access to meals, let alone healthy meals. I chose to create my content to help my audience relate to the idea that there are cute and adorable children, like Noah, who will go to bed without food.

Global initiatives that start at home - @thetwinklediaries

Content can speak a thousand words.

Another of our creators who produced beautiful content that evoked clarity of message, was @georgiestclair. Her mix of stop-motion animation and independent creativity resulted in powerful and poignant visuals, that were amongst our favourite. Georgie weighed in on her experience with ShareTheMeal's more self-sufficient brief:

With fewer carrying cash, is a mobile app the future for charity organisations to tap into a millennial audience?

As a mother with two teenagers, I can definitively say yes to this question! Apps, like ShareTheMeal, are really disrupting the traditional model of giving to charity for the better. Making it easier but also enabling us to see where the money is going and connect with other people who are interested in the same causes.

It was really great to create something for good and with such a positive message behind it. Improving the lives of others. Being able to use social media for good is something I would love to do more of.

Your content was amazing - can you offer a little of the inspiration behind your piece?

As with all of my content, I try to keep the message as simple as possible. I focused on the ‘share’ aspect of ShareTheMeal. With the simple click of the button, a meal can be sent anywhere in the world.

Heartfelt content from @beforeandagain

Looking back, everyone at Whalar is immensely proud of our first pro-bono campaign - we couldn't have asked for better clients, or more amazing creators!

The ultimate aim of this collaboration was to generate an understanding of the humanitarian issues that inspired the creation of ShareTheMeal - namely our own ability to reduce world hunger. The rise in app downloads and donations couldn’t have been achieved without the respected voices of our creative community, who engaged with their followers on a deeper level to educate, inform and inspire audiences to give back...and share the meal.

Banner image from @emilyfredasharp