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Staying Mindful | Sharing During Uncertain Times

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Key Takeaways:

- How Creators with Influence can navigate the coming weeks.

- The shift in social media usage.

- Adapting language and content to suit the climate.

As digital media consumption soars with more of us staying home, many are taking to social media to express and communicate more intently and regularly. Content Creators, as a result, are being looked for support, connection and entertainment now, more than ever before.

How Much More Time?

GlobalWebIndex just released a detailed study in the wake of the Covid-19. The research found a dramatic surge in the amount of time the average consumer is spending online, significantly more so than marketers were originally predicting.

Currently, 95% of all consumers say they are spending more time on in-home media. Of the 13 markets that were surveyed, 45% are devoting more time to social media - with over 10% saying they are creating and uploading more content onto their chosen platforms.

How Can Influencers Navigate?

In short, Creators are being looked to as as a source of entertainment, and a resource for helpful information, more frequently and intimately. From workout videos to health and well-being advice, solidarity videos and sometimes just a little comic relief - we’re seeing Creator’s connect with their audiences more deeply via a universally shared circumstance.  

To help navigate these uncertain times, we’ve broken down five essential points to act as overarching guidelines when sharing content.

1 Adapt, But Don’t Completely Change

No one can pretend the past few weeks haven’t made a significant impact on all of our lives. The ‘carry on as normal’ tactic can only get creators so far - and there’s nothing more jarring than seeing content (personal or branded) that hasn’t adapted to the new situation. However, on the flip side, suddenly changing tack into a different specialism is not an advisable strategy. For instance, support and encourage wellbeing - but never stray into direct medical advice (unless that is your expertise). Stay light, be helpful and always divert to official sources.

2 Interact, Engage, Communicate.

Audience interactions are at an all-time high. Stories, polls and challenges offer a clear and authentic path to the increasingly active social media user. The fact that we’re all in this together has further broken down walls between Creator and Follower, now is the time to build out those authentic connections and spend time maintaining them.

3) Entertain and Provide Relief

This one's nice and simple: Think of new ways to make people smile.

4) Inspire: Make it Fun

Family time, life admin, self-care. These are now key talking points that Influencers can capitalise on alongside their regular posting - particularly from inside the house. If you run a business, let audiences into the back end of it. Struggling with work / family balance? Share it and be honest - we’re all in the same boat

5) Don’t Be Afraid of Work

Adapting your messaging and being mindful is all about staying in tune with the news and updates. Gauging the climate before publishing any content is essential to putting out effective branded work. Of course, individual collaborations will always work on a case by case basis, so overarching guides can get tricky. Stay mindful, stay aware of how your followers are reacting to content, and keep an eye on updates from trusted sources.

Looking Ahead

This is an evolving situation, but the importance of getting the tone right and not appearing opportunist is essential. Creators should keep working on their brand and long term strategy, whilst re-focussing on how they connect with their audience. Now is the time to truly let followers in.

Influencers have the ability to shake off a certain level of prejudice that has shadowed this industry and step into a new role for their followers. Effective navigation of this new era depends on one key factor, authenticity. Possibly the most overused phrase in the world of influencer marketing, however it has never been more relevant than it is today. Stay creative, stay healthy, stay safe.

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