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The Low-Down on Instagram’s New Longer Length Videos

The words on everyone’s lips on the moment are still hush-hush: Instagram is supposedly on the verge on launching longer length video. It’s all very exciting but we’re all still in the dark until the big announcement on 20th June. There have been a few clues as to what is coming, so we thought we’d whet your appetite with our anticipations and thoughts on the news.

What is the new content that Instagram is launching?

Word on the web is that Instagram is launching 4k, full-screen video content that can be up to an hour in length and will display vertically (like Stories) rather than horizontally (like Youtube). We don’t know yet where this content will be displayed, whether it will be on Instagram itself, on user’s profile pages like Highlights or perhaps even on a separate app. We do know that Instagram have been in contact with influencers and press with plans to launch ‘something’ exciting on 20th June. Apparently creators will be able to use swipe-up links on the videos and there will be opportunities for monetisation.

When will we know more?

Keep your eyes peeled on 20th June, as we imagine this will be huge news that most media outlets will be reporting on.

Why is Instagram launching longer length video?

It’s only natural that Instagram wants to launch longer video content after the success of Stories. While we don’t think that Youtube has anything to worry about, this looks likely to be a great opportunity for YouTubers to promote their content and send their Instagram followers directly over to their main channel. It’s also a great way to keep teens interested in Instagram, as Youtube is incredibly popular with a younger audience.

How can I use this new feature?

It’s not been established yet how this will roll out, but it’s likely that it will take some time before everyone can create epic hour-long videos. When you do receive the functionality, how you use it is entirely up to you. Most regular users or influencers will probably see it as an opportunity to share longer content than they currently can in their Stories. This could be perfect for beauty tutorials, home tours or sporting activities. Scott Bass from @ampisound has a large audience on both Instagram and Youtube. We caught up with Scott to ask how he foresees himself using longer length videos on Instagram:

“In the past I’ve used Instagram as a funnel for Youtube. Having regular content on Instagram is really key, so it made more sense to cut longer videos into clips I could post over a few days. Considering this, I think I would try a few full length videos and see how they do. If they can nail the monetisation and analytics features, it could be a serious contender.”

Is this something I should be planning to get involved with?

If you’re a brand or influencer using Instagram, you should be standing up and paying close attention. Instagram Stories was a huge game changer for everything from engagement to influencer marketing when it launched, and it’s likely that long form video content will go the same way. Our advice is to start thinking now how you could utilise this. You don’t have to be a pro at creating video content, just think about how you could lengthen the video content that you currently share on Stories. One big difference between Instagram’s long-length video content and any other traditional form of video is that it is likely to be vertically orientated, like
the rest of the app. This may prove a challenge for YouTubers who would otherwise plan on sharing the same content on both channels. It will, however, work perfectly for content filmed on smart phones. If you’ve been thinking of branching out into video content but don’t want to manage another social channel, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Words by Emma Lavelle.

Image by @apphia____.