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The Results | #ObjectProject_Trainers

Whether it was running, jumping or simply taking in the view, we were blown away by the variety of awesome interpretations for this month's hashtag theme. #ObjectProject_Trainers really captured the imaginations of our creative community, and it was brilliant to see so many creators challenging themselves to try something new.

A huge thanks to @ampisound for inspiring this month's project, and for bringing so much action and adventure to the theme. But before we announce Scott's chosen winner, we thought we'd highlight some of our favourite entries...

@tobias _snow _

@lamardeviajera & @thesimplifyresolution


@hasanelsayed_ & @jasonosborne _

Please do go and so all of the amazing creations some love via their links, and have a scroll through all 130+ entries at #ObjectProject_Trainers.

And without further ado, congratulations @joshjand, for capturing @ampisound's winning shot. We love the fresh perspective and simplicity of Josh's entries, which we've shared over on our Instagram - so do go and have a look for yourself!


If you missed out on this month's project, don't worry, all of our #ObjectProject videos are now open for everyone to enjoy, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date, or follow us on Instagram to watch them on IGTV. Next month's theme will be coming to you with the help of the brilliant @justincblomgren, so keep your eyes peeled.