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The Results | #ObjectProject_Windows

For this week's Object Project, we worked with Insta-Queen, Sara Tasker of @me*and*orla, famed for her shots of nature, family life, and the beautiful view from her bedroom window. Because of this, we just knew that the object we'd give Sara had to be windows, as in Sara’s own words; “windows have so much potential for storytelling”.

And judging from the 300+ entries, Sara was totally right; we had poetry, videos, cinemagraphs, and a whole lot of creativity.

But, before we announce the winner, we'd like to say a quick thank you to everyone who turned their creative talents to creating an entry, by taking a look at some of the highlights.

@helenhobden, @stefanireyem

@mangelka & @meerkatconstellations

@miss.hobby.photographer & @thelifestyleeditor

And the winner, as chosen by Sara, is...

@katgoldin, who's shot of her window, book, and hot drink encapsulated a 'perfect moment'.

We've shared this gorgeous entry over on Instagram, so do go and show it some love. And as usual, keep an eye out for next week's theme, coming to you in an action packed special with @ampisound, professional parkour videographer and photographer!

Missed out on the fun? All of our #ObjectProject videos are now open for everyone to enjoy, so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up to date, or follow us on Instagram to watch them on IGTV.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar