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The Whalar Reading List

No, this isn't a school assignment, there's no homework and definitely no test at the end. Although we gain a lot of our inspiration from our influencers, sometimes you need a kickstart to jolt you into action. And often this comes from an interesting fact, a beautifully written sentence, or even sometimes a stupid pun you read on your commute. So here's the Whalar reading list, the places we turn to when bored or, more likely, are in need of a kick up the butt.

The Drum:
Sometimes we have to keep up with the advertising news instead of the Kardashians, and The Drum is the most interesting place to do it.

Our favourite thing on The Drum right now: The failure awards. They showcase one item a week that 'failed' due to bad branding or marketing techniques, such as the Juicero.

We LOVE Racked for the weird and wonderful stuff we include in our newsletter. Plus, we can read Racked at work and catch up with beauty and pop culture news, but it looks like we're working.

Our favourite thing on Racked right now: An interview with CurvyCon creators Chastity Garner Valentine and CeCe Olisa who are holding a plus sized NYFW event this year for the first time.

Wired keeps the digital world fresh, and doesn't confuse you with horrible Internet jargon.

Our favourite thing on Wired right now: It's scary to think your own brain could trick you, and it's even scarier to think that it doing so could land you in prison on a murder charge. This piece about imagined crimes is super interesting.

VICE: VICE is where we go when we want to read something so weird we know it wouldn't be on any other website. For example, what would happen if you went trick or treating for your shopping list,, or
a guide to playing Pokemon Go... without a phone.

Our favourite thing on VICE right now: Everything and anything by Oobah Butler. Because, duh.

Its Nice That: It's Nice That is possibly the most useful website for visual stimulation and inspiration.

Our favourite thing on It's Nice That right now: Paul Mcneil, the author of The Visual History of Type, rates his favourite fonts. A really aesthetically pleasing article that satisfies all my typefont nerd needs.

The Pool: I'll let you in on a secret; the Whalar office is pretty women-dominated. We have a mini library that boasts loads of books on feminism and, like, one book on marketing. But when I want to read up-to-date news and stories in a similar vein, I turn to The Pool.

Our favourite thing on The Pool right now: Whilst we love their beauty tips, their opinion pieces are our favourite. For example, they said what we were all thinking about that creepy man who won't stop playing the piano to win back his ex. Calm down, Primark Gatsby.

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