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Think | Finding Our Place in the Ad Ecosystem

When speaking with agencies about Whalar, I hadn’t quite found a straightforward way to explain to them how they should view us, and more importantly, benefit from us. However, inspiration comes in the most unlikely places. A meeting with a recruitment agency owner - which I admittedly had been putting off for weeks - gave me my lightbulb moment*. I’ve tested it out ever since and it’s instantly resonated with people. Here’s how I see it:

Whalar represents to advertising/comms agencies what LinkedIn represented to the recruitment industry.

LinkedIn was something that appeared as a threat to the recruitment industry at first. It meant that companies wanting to recruit could cut out the middleman and now more easily discover and connect with individuals that might be potential candidates. Which is true... To a degree.

In reality, LinkedIn has also been the most incredible tool for the recruitment industry, it’s allowed the experts, those recruitment agencies, to do so much more, be far more scalable and be more profitable because they have access to a tool like LinkedIn.

Whalar is very similar - yes, brands can work directly with influencers to produce creative - but equally, it’s an incredible tool that enables agencies to do something they couldn’t really do before, to do it in a scalable and more profitable way. They gain far more than they risk losing.

Neil Waller

Neil Waller

CEO and Co-Founder, Whalar