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Think Like an Influencer | Working From Home

It’s business as usual in, admittedly, unusual times.

Working remotely. Working from home. Being a ‘digital native’. Connecting with people around the world in our own homes. Are we suddenly following a way of working set out by influencers?

Whalar as Normal

We work in an interconnected industry that thrives on creative individuals thinking outside the box. At Whalar, our formula has residually been that we connect with the best creative voices from all over the world. Regardless of where they’re from, where they are, or what they used to do.

For many of us, we have - nor will - ever meet the people we work with on a daily basis. Luckily what we do thrives on this, it allows us to value creativity, and crucially, our output above all else.

As we’ve become even more dispersed than usual, we are relying on our collective output as a symbol of what we can offer more than ever. We are all staying connected, but independently producing.

In many ways, this is what we have all temporarily become; independent practitioners of our professions.

Why should we think like an influencer?

Digital influencers have always produced outside the walls of a 9-5 office. For marketers, their immediate value was that they represented the consumer. They existed outside the cultural and financial restrictions of production studios and corporate agencies. They presented something new, fresh, and accessible. Suddenly, access to the industry shifted from selected studios to anyone who could create something that resonated with people.

For us, we too have a chance to disrupt our ways of thinking and working. Although some viewed influencers out of office lifestyle with scepticism, it represented a completely different work culture. Although Digital Freelancer was not a new term, mobile-first technology had opened up the possibilities of how we work, and influencer marketing has been a driving force in shifting work-life perception. The digital native is a far more dynamic worker than any generation before. More innovative, and more able to make the best out of a bad situation.

Instead of following a work structure that was created by Henry Ford in the 1920s, we have a chance to reimagine how we create our output. This opportunity for re-invention will not be able a couple of days, many of us will be given prolonged space for the first time, allowing us to assess who we are within the industry and how we can best contribute. As long as we remain connected to our colleagues, we have an opportunity to re-discover how we create, find ideas and ultimately - just get shit done.

The circumstances could be better. Much, much better. And yes, this isn’t ideal. Seeing business slowed or brands feeling uneasy is something we will have to deal with. However, what influencer marketing has taught us is that people find value in places you don’t expect. Whether it’s through the lens of an iPhone 4, or running a business from your kitchen table, let’s bring the innovation.

Working From Home in 6 Steps:

- Divide your space: Separate your 'home' space from your 'work' space if you can. If not, make sure you've got your 'work clothes' and your 'home clothes', to help set important boundaries." -

- Divide your time: It can be far too easy to start checking your emails as soon as you wake up (particularly if you wake up at 8.58 am).

- Use the commute: This, like many factors, can only be effective if you don’t wake up at 8.58am. Whether it’s exercise, reading, or just making an awesome breakfast - don’t lose the time you’ve gained.

- Focus on output: Now is not the time to be ‘always on’. Focus on what you can produce, not how long it takes.

- Stay connected: Our ability to connect in a digital world can be summed up perfectly by our webcams (unless, like me, you left an apple sticker over yours unknowingly for over 15 minutes). Keep over-connected to your team will help avoid feeling isolated and give your day structure. Bringing your dogs into view is also highly encouraged.

- Remain positive: We don’t know what we don’t know. Digital natives have built-in tools to flourish remotely. Check the sources of what you read. Don’t go against official advice. Finally, even when you have to adjust day by day, never lose sight of those long-term goals.

Looking Forward

Luckily, what we do thrives on remote working. And, as history shows, the best innovation takes place during times of dramatic and unexpected change.

Expect to be hearing from us more than ever over the coming weeks. Whalar is fully open, ready to serve our creative community, and help partners as much as we can to navigate this difficult time. It’s business as usual in, admittedly, highly unusual times. Stay nimble and be prepared to adapt as the situation evolves, you’ve got this.

Keep safe, stay well and look after each other. Any questions, please contact studio@whalar.com.

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