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Whalar Creative for Cannes Lions 2020 | "Creators for Change"

Whalar's Creative short was selected for Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2020.

Alongside world leading creative agencies, Whalar’s independent short film, “Creators for Change: The Power of Creativity” premiered at Cannes Lions virtual event, Lions Live.

For the Lions Shorts category, we submitted a piece that examined the power of creativity within modern activism. Social media Creators have proven to be central figures in promoting environmental and social change for their audiences.

As key celebrations such as Pride have pivoted their celebrations online, and activism takes on a renewed global format, Creators who use their influence to accelerate positive change are becoming increasingly relevant as more and more consumers become progressively conscious. Public awareness and an increase in corporate accountability is dictating how brands should act beyond profit. Whilst social media trends provide direction for how brands can engage with their audiences and which Creators are best placed to translate a message.

For our submission to Cannes, we wanted to emphasize how this shift has affected the Creator ecosystem. Within our Whalar community, we have a wealth of talent who are committed to using their influence to accelerate positive change. For 2020, it is clear that silence is compliance, and making a stand for a cause you believe in has never been more pertinent.

This was the greater message behind our short, and we hope it signals the start of many more Whalar projects that focuses on how social media will continue to fuel a new era of social and environmental activism.

We are proud to have our work selected for Cannes Lions 2020 amongst a collective of the world’s best digital talent. WATCH NOW 👇

Video Produced by Emily Freda Sharp.
Graphic Design by Greg Haynes.
Animation by Mark Osmond.

Copy by Will Rix.

Original Cannes Lions Version

For more information on Whalar's commitment to positive change, please contact hell@whalar.com.