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Whalar From Home | A Live Series

Introducing Whalar From Home: A new series of live events looking at how brands can optimize influencer partnerships. With digital and social traffic skyrocketing, consumers are seeking trustworthy voices and relevant messaging now more than ever.

What is Whalar From Home?

As we continue to navigate our new normal, we've challenged ourselves to provide accessible resources for marketers and independent creators alike to help navigate the influencer marketing industry. We’ve heard from our clients that they love direct exposure with digital creators. This series provides an opportunity to ask the essential questions around brand strategy, the nuances of each platform, and the trends that are shaping social media culture right now.

Each episodes features a completely different style of Creative Influencer, paired with an expert from the Whalar team.  All events are introduced and moderated by our Global Head of Marketing, Jo Burford, or a member of our leadership team.

Details of all events, including full recordings and guestlist, can be found below 👇. For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact studio@whalar.com.


Virtual Pride | Whalar's Luis Lizazaro +  David White, Alongside Creators Ramzy Masri  + Brittenelle Fredericks.

With cities pivoting their Pride celebrations to online, brands are wondering what they can do to show support and participate in the hotly talked-about topic, Virtual Pride.

Whalar are proud of our inclusive team and diverse network of creators, both on our roster and within our platform community. For the past month, we’ve been gathering insight on what the opportunity for digital conscious marketing looks like for both brands and creators.

Our Pride Guide webinar will be hosted by Luis Lizazaro, VP of Partnerships and David White, Head of Talent USA. Together they will interview two highly respected LGBTQIA+ creators, Ramzy and Brittenelle. The discussion will provide practical guidance on creative strategies and idea sharing on how brands can create content during Virtual Pride with authenticity and integrity.

A bit about Ramzy:

Ramzy Masri is a non-binary artist and graphic designer based in New York City. Their work is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ culture, re-imagining the world as a colorful queer-normative space. As a media-agnostic artist, their work spans from murals to photography, fashion design to art direction. They believe that intersectional representation in media will build a more vibrant tomorrow, one that honors the rainbow of gender and sexual expression, that creates space for every human to be true to their authentic self.

A bit about Brittenelle:

Brittenelle is a content creator based in Downtown LA, known for her chic tomboy style and storytelling in the luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle space. Brittenelle has accumulated a dedicated base of followers with her iconic blonde hair and androgynous approach to fashion. As a member of the LGBTQ community, she mixes an edgy vibe with a bubbly and vivacious personality, which resonates through her content and personal style. Behind the scenes, Britt is also an advocate for animal welfare and is a constant donator to animal shelters in the community.

A bit about Luis:

Luis Lizarazo joined the Whalar Commercial leadership team at the end of 2019. With 7 years experience at Expedia Group and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Luis brings a great deal of passion and tenacity to all he does. Focused on partnerships with Technology, Travel and Direct-to-Consumer brands, Luis seeks opportunities to bring out the best creators and brands together in increasingly diverse and inclusive ways. A native New Yorker, who came out of the closet at 15 years old, Luis feels proud to work in an environment where he can “bring all of himself” to work everyday.

A bit about David:

David White is Sydney born and Irish bred. His work with A list celebrities inspired a move to New York City in 2016 to pursue a successful career in Talent representation. He is obsessed with digital media’s democratization of fame and sees opportunity in any situation and all forms of creativity. Having represented several esteemed Artists, he knows what it takes to succeed.

Approaching Back To School | Megan Owsik, Hannah Carpenter + Gray Benko

Figuring out home schooling during the pandemic is something that Gray Benko, Hannah Carpenter and Megan Owsik know something about. With 8 children between them, they’ve been grappling with this challenge. And now as brands and families alike look ahead to the Back to School season, what can we learn about engaging and authentic content aimed at parents from two successful creators.

Introduced and moderated by our Global Head of Marketing, Jo Burford.

Unfortunately we do not have a recording of this edition of Whalar From Home.

Our speakers 👇

A bit about Hannah:  Hannah Carpenter (@hannahacarpenter) is a freelance illustrator, wife and mother of 4, living in the heart of Arkansas where it's hot, humid, and hospitable. The artist behind Little-Biscuits Portraits, Hannah has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2003. Her love of art, well-made craftsmanship, her family, and connecting with others around the world inspired her to document and share her experiences through photography, blogging, and social media.

A bit about Gray: Inspired by the honesty and spontaneity of children (especially her crazy, red-haired kids, Farris and Charlie), Gray (@graybenko) strives to photograph the beauty of unplanned, unscripted moments, and the real, raw love between families. Gray lives with her husband, her kids, their dog, Goose, and cat, Lex, in a 130 year-old house that they will never, ever be finished renovating

A bit about Megan: Has managed brand strategy, business development, and multi-channel marketing for brands via roles at Refinery 29 and Glamour. Megan Owsik is a mom and works on brand partnerships at Whalar, helping connect brands with the most social-first creative storytellers today.

A bit about Jo: With experience across all pools of the talent industry, including roles at Twitter, Talenthouse and Channel 4, Jo Burford now heads up Whalar’s global marketing team, navigating the industry one creative brief at a time.

Posting With Purpose | Aditi Mayer + Jessica van Wyk

This week, Jess van Wyk, Senior Client Manager at Whalar and The Change Collective visionary, will be interviewing Aditi Mayer, L.A based journalist and sustainability consultant, and one of the 60 core Influencers in The Change Collective. Aditi will take us through the complex world of sustainability and share her advice on how brands can address ethical issues, remain authentic and achieve business growth.

Introduced and moderated by our Global Head of Marketing, Jo Burford.

Note on The Change Collective:  After working on numerous purpose-driven Influencer campaigns, including the double Cannes Lions Award-winning #ThePeoplesSeat with David Attenborough, Whalar has created The Change Collective; a sub-group of Influencers within the Whalar Platform, committed to supporting purpose-lead brand collaborations.

Our speakers 👇

A bit about Aditi:  A journalist, photographer, influencer, sustainability consultant, Aditi’s work focuses on the intersections of sustainability and social politics. Alongside high-profile collaborations with Dior and Davines - Aditi has continued to use her growing portfolio of work and influence to drive positive change for her communities. Alongside running her sustainable fashion blog - ADIMAY.com, she's a frequent public speaker, workers rights activist, and filmmaker/photojournalist.

A bit about Jess: As one of Whalar’s earliest employees, Jess understands the true value influencers can have on shaping how a brand is perceived within wider culture. Through the years she has witnessed this first-hand when working on a range of brands, including Gucci, Nike, and Dior Beauty. Having always harboured a vision of bringing her passion for sustainability into her working life, Jess completed courses in fashion sustainability and founded the Change Collective after seeing first hand the potential digital influencers have to accelerate positive change.

A bit about Jo: With experience across all pools of the talent industry, including roles at Twitter, Talenthouse and Channel 4, Jo Burford now heads up Whalar’s global marketing team, navigating the industry one creative brief at a time.

Keeping it Real as a Content Creator | Karyn Spencer + Lauren Giraldo

This week, we're in a conversation with GenZ social media star Lauren Giraldo and our SVP of Partnerships, Karyn Spencer, moderated by Head of Marketing, Jo Burford. The pair discuss creating content for specific audiences, how social strategy evolves across platforms, and what all brands should be considering in the influencer space right now.

More details on our speakers 👇

A bit about Lauren: Lauren is an actress, personality and a social media star with a combined footprint of 2.5M+ followers. She starred in Vine’s 2016 original series “Camp Unplug”, which helped launch her career, and racked up three Streamy Award nominations including Best Actress. Lauren hosted Awesomeness TV’s clip-show “Lauren Against the Internet” on Go90, “Lady Bits” on Fullscreen and led AT&T’s comedy series “Starter Pack”. The Los Angeles-based creator showcases her extroverted and bubbly personality through her lifestyle YouTube videos, bringing a down-to-earth and not so serious attitude to beauty, skincare, dating and more. Lauren uses her platform to positively influence and empower communities of women around the world. She has partnered with major brands including Target, Rocksbox, Windsor, SHEIN and more.

A bit about Karyn: Karyn joined Whalar from Target, where she was the head of celebrity and influencer partnerships. With 20 years of experience working with traditional celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks, as well as digital creators at theAudience, Twitter, and Vine, Karyn is passionate about connecting creators and brands to cultivate maximum creativity.

Influencer Responsibility | Dr. Adanna David + Jessica Joseph

Influencer and Doctor, Adanna David, in discussion with Whalar Stars Talent Manager, Jessica Joseph, joined by our Global Head of Marketing, Jo Burford. In an open Q&A format, Adanna and Jess discussed how marketers can effectively partner with influencers; why now is the moment to trust Creators more than ever; and why Influencers can be “The Voice of a Brand” during uncertain times.

More details on our awesome speakers 👇

A bit about Adanna: Having begun her career in the medical industry over 10 years ago, Influencer, Entrepreneur and Doctor, @Adanna_David, now successfully runs her own business, @MedicsAbroad, alongside her creative work. Amassing over 500K followers across her channels, she is an ambassador for brands such as LEGO and Vitabiotics.

A bit about Jess: Jess has managed some of the UK’s biggest and most successful YouTube personalities and is now a Talent Manager at Whalar Stars. Since executing partnership deals with brands such as Amazon and Estee Lauder, Jess is keen to showcase the positive power of social, not just for brands but for fostering new communities, support systems and global change.

Artwork from Mark Osmand, Allison Wisniewski +  @fybe.one.

For any further questions on Whalar From Home, Influencer Marketing During Covid-19, and everything in between - contact studio@whalar.com.