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Vote to See Whalar at SXSW 2020

Whalar has been selected for SXSW2020 PanelPicker, but we need your help to make it happen.

SXSW operates on a voting system to reach the presentation stage of the SXSW PanelPicker event, please vote here and find details below for Whalar's exclusive proposed discussion.

Mike Hondorp, Whalar’s CMO, will be leading a discussion with Whalar board members on an exclusive panel on the power of influencer marketing at SXSW 2020.

We will be bringing together a combination of creative talent, experience and innovation unique to the influencer marketing space. Our CMO will be joined by Chairman and BBH Founder, Sir John Hegarty, Vice-Chairman and R/GA founder, Bob Greenberg, and former Accenture CMO and board member, Roxanne Taylor.

The creative and marketing legends will be discussing how shifting consumer habits towards mobile-first content have unlocked and democratised creativity on a global scale. As all guest panelists have either founded or played crucial roles within some of the most influential creative agencies in the world, Whalar is able to offer a debate on one of the most progressive communication topics within advertising - democratising creativity - from a selection of the industry's most experienced figures.

Under the title, "Influencer Redefined: The Creative Disruption" our panel will look to deconstruct creativity within influencer marketing and what the inclusion of fresh and diverse creative voices means for brands and advertising now, and in the future.

To make this conversation a reality, we need your help. Whalar has been shortlisted via our proposal for PanelPicker. SXSW then operates on public and internal voting systems before panels reach the final presentation stage. Every vote matters in reaching the final stage.

To experience this world first discussion in Austin, please vote for Whalar's panel here.

SXSW has been the epicentre of innovative technology for over a decade, having had platforms such as Twitter and Foursquare launch at the festival. Whalar will be participating within the interactive track as a leading advocate for influencer marketing. The festival takes place between March 13–22, 2020, in Austin, TX.

Key topics

How to tap into creators to tell authentic and meaningful stories at scale.

How to use technology to scale collaboration and creativity.

Why influencer marketing matters, and why it must be done right.


Mike Hondorp, Chief Marketing Officer, Whalar

Sir John Hegarty, Co-founder and Creative Director, The Garage Soho, Founder of BBH

Bob Greenberg, Founder and Executive Chairman, R/GA

Roxanne Taylor, former CMO, Accenture and Whalar Board Member

About Whalar

Whalar is a full service influencer marketing and content creation solution. We leverage the most creative and credible talent to produce high quality content for brands.

We’re on a mission is to Liberate the Creative Voice. We make advertising more personable, more culturally relevant, and more effective by the inclusion of ALL creative voices.

As the only global influencer partner of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and the first and only Cannes Lions-winning influencer marketing platform, our model has proven it works.

Working with Whalar means:

-The most creative storytellers

-Who tell authentic stories with local relevance on a global scale

-Delivering captivating content that engages, inspires, and drives action

-From trusted and credible creators with influence

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