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Whalar Sounds | How to Share The Content

Our 2 min guide to using Whalar Sounds and getting noticed by Universal Music.

If you've haven't signed up to, you can do in seconds right here.

We’ve created 5 simple steps to ensure you don’t miss a trick when sharing your content to get discovered for collaborations and artist shout outs by the team and artists at Universal Music!


Listen to the sounds of the week playlist (via Spotify or Apple Music). All sounds will be available in the TikTok and Instagram music libraries as soon as our mailer hits your inbox.


Search the Instagram or TikTok music library for the music that you discovered via the Whalar Sounds music drop.


Create your organic content to the music! (no #ads or #sponsored content please)


Post your content to TikTok, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories or your Instagram grid. All supported by the music library function.No approvals necessary.


Share your post with the Whalar Sounds team by submitting your link or screenshots of your content and stats (if Instagram Reels or Stories) to: whalarsounds@whalar.com.

That’s it! Same again the following week.

The more you submit to us, the more visibility you will have in front of Universal Music, so a tip from us is to submit your work regularly for us to pass on.

Every week we will be sharing ALL creations from our creators and influencers with Universal Music who will put your creations in front of the relevant Record Labels and artists.

The best creations will be featured. Thank you presents will be sent out to the proud owners of the Whalar Sounds work of the week!