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Whalar Sounds | Your FAQs

All of your Whalar Sounds questions answered, all in one place.

Missing anything? Contact whalarsounds@whalar.com.

What is Whalar Sounds?

Whalar Sounds was created from an exclusive partnership between Whalar and Universal Music, home to the world’s hottest labels such as Polydor, Island Records, Capitol Music Group, Virgin EMI and many more.

Every week we’ll be connecting our creators with the week’s hottest tracks, helping you discover the latest releases that are available for use on Instagram and TikTok.

And there’s more - each collaborating creating will have the opportunity to have their content seen and featured by the biggest record labels in the world.

Who can use the service?

Creators with influence are invited to use any Whalar Sounds music via the TikTok and Instagram music libraries across their organic content. Whalar Sounds is designed to help take the headache out of searching for music for influencers and creators who are regularly creating and sharing content in the new sound on the social media world.

Universal Music Group is interested in getting to know which creators are using music in expressive, inventive and routine ways across their work.

Do I need to pay?

Absolutely not. This is our gift to our creator community in partnership with Universal Music. Meeting multiple content deadlines across numerous collaborations, while maintaining your own personal brand is already hard enough - we want to help you take your creations to the next level and we certainly don’t expect you to pay a penny.

How does Whalar Sounds benefit me?

Aside from the fact you get first access to new released and trending music direct to your phone or inbox, your creations will be shared on a weekly basis with Universal Music Group who will be scouting for Talent to repost on artist channels. There will also be profiling opportunities and merch drops for the best creative content each week.

IMPORTANT | For all WS Members

In order to have your work shared with Universal Music Group - don’t forget to send us links to your Instagrams and TikToks (or screenshots of your posts and stats) to: whalarsounds@whalar.com so we know you’ve used the service. As this is completely organic there is no other way for us to know you’ve made something that you’d like us to share!

How does it work?

We know that finding music to use in your content can be a headache, so being part of Whalar Sounds gives you valuable visibility on which new tracks are available to use, as soon as they come out. Each week, we’ll curate a playlist of newly released or trending music that is available for use on Instagram and TikTok, and deliver it straight to your inbox...ready for you to use across your organic content.

We’ll editorialise the music so you can understand where and if it’s about to blow up. Whether a track’s being used in a Netflix series, a touring artist, lined up to blow up on TikTok or coming in hot as part of a new album launch!

We’ll also categorise the sounds by mood so you can easily jump to the tempo and vibe you’re looking for at a glance.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is super easy, just click here - http://whalar.link/whalarsounds - and give us your email address so we can package up the best new music each week and deliver it straight to your inbox.

We’ll ask you a bit about the types of music you want to listen to and use, so that we can feed back to Universal Music Group and make sure the music we give you each month is relevant, usable, and most importantly - requested by you.

How to use the Music

Each week we bring you a curated playlist of the hottest sounds that you can listen to on Spotify or Apple Music and search for on the audio libraries of Instagram and TikTok.

If you hear anything you like, access it directly on your chosen platform and start creating. Feel free to tag the artist and #WhalarSounds -but whatever you do don’t forget to share what you’ve made with us at: whalarsounds@whalar.com so we can put you on Universal Music’s radar and increase your chances of being reposted by the artist or record label.

Why do I need to share my creations with you?

Of course you don’t have to share your work back with us - but with such high demand for this service, if you don’t, we may miss it.

How to get the most out of Whalar Sounds

We want to get your organic content as much exposure as possible. By sharing or tagging your content with us, it gives us and UMG the opportunity to feature and spotlight you

Just drop us the link to let us know that you’ve used and loved the tracks. We’ll then spotlight these to UMG so your content will get more visibility.

What can I use the music for?

The short answer - anything at all that isn’t sponsored or #gifted! Steer clear of using commercial music on your brand endorsements, but otherwise all of your organic content can feature anything you hear via Whalar Sounds.

You can choose to put it at the front and centre of your creations, or just have it playing in the background. We’re here to meet all of your music needs, no matter how big or small.

What can’t I use Whalar Sounds music for?

Commercial collaborations and content (basically anything tagged #ad #spon  or #gifted).  this music is for your organic use and personal brand building only. Using unlicensed music on your paid collaborations could see your content removed or get you into trouble, so please don’t confuse this service with a solution for your paid ads.

How do I get on UMG radar or get discovered by their artists?

Share your content back to us! Our email is: whalarsounds@whalar.com. We’ll be sharing all content back to UMG regularly and they have a direct line to their artists. We can only do this if we know about your content, so show it off to us and let us celebrate it.