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Whalar Sounds | A Music Service for Influencers

You make the content; we’ll do the music.

In late 2020, under the influence of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, the correlation between on-trend music and content virality has never been stronger.

Having music that elevates your content is now essential for any professional Creator.

But, there has never been more music to choose from. More up and coming artists to discover. More mediocre sounds to avoid. More record drops to catch. More time spent finding the right track for your content.

We recognize the need for music marketing to change to suit the creators. Which is why we have partnered with the world’s leading music company Universal Music Group to bring you curated playlists of available music on both Instagram and TikTok.

Whalar Sounds' mission is to deliver high quality, pre-trending music that will fuel your creativity. Categorized into moods and tempo alongside culture notes. Delivered weekly, all in one place.

What is Whalar Sounds?

In partnership with Universal Music Group, Whalar Sounds is a community of influencers who create content using the world’s hottest music. Each Friday, we deliver carefully curated playlists to our community with fresh tracks and accompanying culture notes from the world's leading record labels.

Before anyone else, signed up Creators secure trending weekly sounds for their organic content creations. No hours searching. No #ad. No compromise on quality. Just diverse and high quality tracks delivered straight to the Creators.

Curated by mood and tempo, all music can be immediately used across organic TikTok and Instagram.

Sign up is free, and can be completed right now in under 2 minutes.

In addition to the core service - collaborating influencers have the opportunity for their content to be discovered by leading record labels and the artists they represent. Universal Music are on the lookout for Creators who can put an original spin on their sounds and bring something new to the music industry.  

Save time. Get noticed. Be discovered.

Elevate your Creativity.


The Whalar Sounds Playbook

1 |  Check out the playlists we send you each Friday. Select a sound you like by checking out the tracks on our Spotify and Apple playlists. All sounds will already be available for use on the Instagram and TikTok audio libraries.

2  | Head over to Instagram or TikTok. All sounds will already be available for use on the platforms respectives audio libraries. For the best user experience, all tracks should be played via the in-app audio tools.

3 | Post and share your content as normally would! All Whalar Sounds creations must organic content (no brand collabs sadly)

4 | Share your content as you usually would, adding on #whalarsounds. If you want us to put your content forward to the labels at UMG for future collaborations and re-shares, please DM your content to @whalar or email whalarsounds@whalar.com

5 | We understand creating quality content takes time. We are no longer enforcing a cut-off deadline to submit Whalar Sounds content. Please feel free to submit tracks from past Whalar Sounds drops and playlists to suit your content creations.

What’s in it for me?

1 | No hours wasted searching for mediocre sounds. Receive a weekly digest of new and trending sounds delivered to your inbox or phone.

2 | Be discovered. Whalar, Universal Music Group and their artists and labels are actively sharing and re-posting, we want to see your work.

3 | Elevate your creativity. Universal Music Group are always seeking new, fresh and creative talent for paid collaborations.

4 | Receive quality products. We are giving out gift bags and exclusive merchandise each week to Whalar Sounds members.

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Whalar Sounds; Music for Your Content