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Whalar x Naked Glory | Don’t Preach to The Converted

Campaign Objective: To launch Naked Glory’s meat-free products for UK meat-eaters.

The meat-free market is booming.

But for all it’s growth, popularity and ethical foundation - a missing ingredient remained. Until, one fateful day last September, everything changed...

And Naked Glory launched with a bang.

Naked Glory’s goal is to provide a high-quality alternative for people who love meat, but want to try something new. A strong brand purpose is backed by an incredible product and a genuine belief that they can change the meat-free market.

In comes Whalar. Our campaign mission was to drive awareness for people actively looking to reduce their meat consumption, but who are not prepared to compromise on quality, taste or good times. Naked Glory wanted to surprise meat-lovers and provoke a state of delightful confusion, in which they couldn't believe what they were tasting wasn't meat.

Introducing: Summer Eating; an influencer campaign crafted by Whalar.

A | 15 creative influencers

B | 81 unique pieces of content

C | (A staggering) 63.7K engagements

(Why) Falling In Love Creates Value

From inception to wrap, this campaign celebrates how affinity between person and product drives the effectiveness of influencer marketing.


With Naked Glory, influencers posted beyond what was asked of them because they genuinely wanted to. This not only leads to more authentic content across the board, it also triggered a 37% increase in assets for the campaign.

Did anyone say more bang for your buck?

Take Ben. @twentyfirstcenturygent is a perfect example of Naked Glory’s target consumer. A self-proclaimed “meat lover through and through”, Ben was in shock at the taste of Naked Glory’s range of products. So much so that his popular blog published an article that opened with “I can’t believe it’s not chicken. I can’t believe it’s not beef. I also can’t believe it’s not pork…”

Extending his reach.

Deepening brand relevance.

Creating intrigue for his network.

And Victoria? (she doesn't even go here???); after no initial involvement in the campaign, fashion and lifestyle blogger @inthefrow created 2 invaluable examples of User Generated Content.

Wife of Naked Glory ambassador @harrison (with a combined YouTube and Instagram following of over 1.5 million) Victoria is an influencer by any definition. Crucially, after seeing Naked Glory become a part of their home life via Harrison, she organically showcased the brand on her channels.

The results: A single IG story garnering 92K impressions, and a YouTube video featuring the brand surpassed 113K views.

An explosive surge of value. An entirely different audience reached. Physical applauds from Campaign Managers.

Additional cost? £0.

Cold Hard Social Stats 👇
(Or: Proof that Missed Steak isn’t a Mistake)

Naked Glory’s growing relationships with creators @harrison and @scottcaneat are reaping rewards. Both surpassing their average engagement - notably, Harrison drove 144 swipe ups across 4 stories - whilst Scott’s combination of quality content and novel recipes generated a majestic 18.76% engagement rate across all of his Naked Glory content.

Across the board, impressions were 139% higher than predicted - with story impressions alone being 317% higher (🔥). Total engagements across all Naked Glory content surpassed 63.7K - 22% higher than expected.

Beyond Social Metrics | Brand Uplift + Measuring Awareness

The positive uplift from this campaign’s social metrics is clear. However, to achieve more precise results - such as the likelihood of product recommendation, purchase intent or brand recall - we look beyond basic Instagram performance.

Measuring Brand Awareness

As a new product to the market, verifying awareness is essential for measuring ROI. And, although social metrics can help the awareness piece, they can be ambiguous.

For instance, if a post receives 5K ‘likes’, that figure alone does not tell us whether the influencer’s audience is ‘liking’ the influencer or the influencer + the product itself.

Top of Mind Awareness

We surveyed two groups to test how brand awareness had changed in the wake of the campaign. By asking the same set of questions of the ‘exposed’ (those who had viewed the Naked Glory content) and the ‘unexposed’ (those who had not seen any campaign content) we saw a 13.9% rise in top of mind awareness from this campaign.

Purchase Intent / Recommendations / Repeat Purchase 👇

The campaign produced positive uplift in Purchase, Willingness to Recommend and Repeat Purchase. Particularly strong in the 22.7% uplift for ‘recommendations.


Overall, the campaign drove strong uplifts in:

Likelihood to purchase (+8.7%)
Repeat purchase (+9.1)
Recommend (+22.7)
Top of mind (+13.9)

Official Uplift Conclusion:

The campaign drove positive perceptions of Naked Glory as being a vegan brand made for meat-eaters and with no compromise on taste or texture.

Closing The Grill

Influencer marketing campaigns are most effective when the creator already aligns with the brand, or proceeds to fall in love with the product. Unquestionably, the latter occurred throughout the Naked Glory collaboration.

Naked Glory has a vibrant, engaging brand identity in a space that previously lacked personality and charisma. Beneath their clear brand vision is a product that serves its primary purpose: provoking disbelief in consumers that it’s not meat!

Signing off: Alison Lees, Marketing Manager at Kerry Foods | We over-delivered on all targets, generated a bank of stunning creative assets and received full confirmation that Whalar and Naked Glory have undeniable chemistry!

Fingers crossed for a second date.

We’re not waiting by the phone.

(we are)

For more information on this campaign, influencer marketing or tips on how to trick people into not eating meat, contact hello@whalar.com.

Special thanks to Naked Glory for collaborating on this article.