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Where in the world is your audience?

Whilst working on various influencer campaigns, I have noticed that throughout the last year, brands have become more aware of content-creator’s demographics. One of their first questions are often, ‘where are their audience based?' Thanks to our smart platform technology, we have the tools to help our clients and creators, but there are a few things you can do to fine tune your demographic, whether you are a brand or an influencer.

Companies are generally searching for people with an audience relevant to their target audience, and why shouldn’t they? It’s great having a big following and an engaged audience, but if that person isn’t based in your relevant market – who’s going to care? It’s a bit like with generic advertising, you set the area you want to target and press play.

We had a chat with UK based content creator @huntersandheels’ about her demographics and how you can relate to a specific audience, and she had a couple of tips and tricks for you. We already knew Lauren had a high following in the UK, however were surprised to see that it was as large as 72%.

‘I think the aesthetic of my feed is very British’

Lauren has worked hard to maintain her British feel on her feed, by staying seasonal and also including plenty of outdoor photography. Working with British brands is a favourite, particularly brands that are relevant across the UK. Working with local brands, will help you get noticed around the country, you will be the ambassador for that specific brand, representing your identity and the brand will also post content with your name on it.

‘Hashtags are key’

Everyone that wants to build a hype on their IG profile is using, or has used, hashtags on their posts. Hashtags opens the door for other people to find your content and also discover you as a person. Hashtagging names of local cities and venues is one of Lauren’s hottest tips for growing a specific audience, as users and also brands in the area will discover your content. However, for growing your audience in a specific location – geo-tagging is just as important. These days users are searching locations to scope for new places and people to discover - and they can only find you through geo-tagging and hashtagging your content.

‘Hashtagging, geo-tagging and engaging with content and brands using the same tags is key if you are aiming to build your audience in a specific market’

You might think, but what if I’m trying to build awareness of my company on Instagram - is geo-tagging just as important then? It definitely is. Building customer awareness within your local area is just as important as building a following on Instagram. You might have thousands of followers on Instagram, but what’s the point if all of them live too far away to come in to store and check out your products? Geo-tagging your content raise your chances of locals noticing your brand and wanting to build a relationship with you.

Is it time you started geo-tagging?

Words by Lene Hille.

Banner image by @wanderlustyleblog on Whalar for Leesa.