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Collaborate | @fromrosesxo x FeelUnique

The brief:

Feelunique wanted beautifully shot, simple flaylay images in a lifestyle setting to showcase a range of the beauty products they have on offer.

The creator:

Rebecca, @fromrosesxo, is a beauty blogger with a penchant for pastel pink (wow, the alliteration!).

Where did you get the inspiration for your content?

I get inspiration from quite a few places mostly online from the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. But I often like to flick through old magazines too, as those images don’t have some of the same influences like a lot of photography has right now.

What made you want to work on the Feelunique campaign?

I’m a beauty blogger and Feelunique is somewhere that I’ve shopped from on numerous occasions, so it was the perfect fit me being an existing customer. Also, the brief was very loose which is absolutely awesome as I really got to put my own personal spin on the images.

The result:

The stats:

How do you feel about the collaboration now, looking back?

I’m still so happy with the collaboration and I really love the images that I created. Of course, there always things that I’d do differently if I did it again as time passes and our tastes naturally change and our style is ever evolving.

Thanks, Rebecca!