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Collaborate | Hannah.Straughan x My First Filous

Each week, we feature a favourite collaboration between brand and creator, this week is the turn of @Hannah.Straughan and My First Filous.

The Brief

First Filous is a yoghurt aimed at babies aged 6+ months to help with the weaning process. They were searching for mothers of young babies and expectant mothers to help create content for First Filous' social channels, and to also post related content on their own channels. Because each mother and baby is different - they wanted to leave the brief open for interpretation and to let the creator produce something authentic to them.

The Creator

Hannah Straughan describes herself as wife, mother and maker from York. Her content is minimalist, clean and pure, inspired by florals, the countryside and filled with snapshots of her day to day life with her husband and baby son, Oscar.

The inspiration for the photo came firstly from my son: the post was about My First Petit Filous being great for babies and kids, and other than fromage frais, Oscar absolutely adores fruit, so I know I wanted to style the product with some berries and cereal, for a breakfast-like scene. Oscar gobbled it all down shortly after I took the photo. I was also, of course, inspired by the beautiful, aesthetically pretty food flatlays that I see everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram.

I only work on campaigns where I would buy the product happily, or truly believe in the brand's ethos. With Liberte this was easy, as I have been feeding Oscar Petit Filous fromage frais since soon after we started weaning, and he genuinely loves them. It was also really important to me that the My First Petit Filous range has a low sugar content, as so many other similar products meant for young children contain a lot of added sugar.

The Finished Product

The Stats

The Verdict

For a while, I worried that the photo was not entirely in keeping with my gallery, as although I like to make pretty floral flatlays, I don't tend to do any involving food; however the post received really great engagement and feedback, so I was delighted with that. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to be part of this campaign, and I love that an added bonus of working with brands is having my creativity tested, as I have to think of ways to authentically represent a product, while staying true to my own style.

Thank you, Hannah and My First Filous!

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

Head of Content, Whalar