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Collaborate | Letizilla X Sunbites

The Brief

For this campaign, Sunbites wanted bright, energetic images that came to life - to use on their own channels. It was an open brief, and they left it up to the creators to be as unique and as inventive as possible. The results speak for themselves, lieterally.

The Creator

A feed colourful enough to belong in a Skittles advert, it's no surprise @letizilla goes by the mantra 'life is too short to live in greyscale'.

Since I was a child I’ve being fascinated with all the colours around us, how different everything can be when each thing has a different colour, and all the feeling that you can get just looking at them. My inspiration comes from the willingness to transmit my love for the colours and to show everyone the beauty in them.

When I received the message for the collaboration and started to check all the details for it, I just loved Sunbites' concept and the freedom that I was going to receive was all I needed to decide working on the campaign.

The Finished Product

The Verdict

Every time I receive an invitation to participate with someone outside of Mexico, I feel so proud to know that my work is followed by people all around the world, and hearing that Sunbites liked my work that much was just amazing. I’m really happy to be part of this campaign, and I’m looking forward to collaborate on future projects with them.

Thanks, Sunbites and Letizilla!