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Collaborate | The_Gris x Dewar's

Each week we feature a favourite collaboration between a brand and creator. This week is the turn of @the_gris and Dewar's.

The Brief

Dewar's Scotch Whiskey. With a rich history dating all the way back to 1846, it's no surprise they are one of the biggest blended whiskey brands in the world. For this campaign they chose their 12 year old blended scotch in order to celebrate gift giving and sharing with others. The main aim of their brief was very simple; target those who really appreciate good scotch.

The Creator

Andrew Griswold is an Art Director based in Indianapolis. His passion for finding new and interesting ways to produce high quality content results in a number of incredibly engaging shots.

The inspiration for this piece came from creating something that lead people down a path and helped show the brand as staple in the history of distillery and family owned business.

I flipped the bottle and the image itself to bring a bit more engagement to the brands name and their iconic label design.

I always want to make sure I am representing a great company and one that I truly can believe in and stand behind. Dewar's was that brand hands down. The history, the way they told story, and how well they represented themselves within the community was unbelievable.

The Finished Product

The Stats

The Verdict

I never regret working with great brands and I never will. I always make sure from the start that the brand understand everything I capture and create is from the heart. I truly appreciate any and all partnerships I take on.

Cheers Andrew and Dewar's!