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"I enjoy a lot of things and if my Instagram should reflect me then it should also reflect that variety." - @sukrits_25

Outside of his life as a Tax Consultant, Sukrit is a photographer, traveller and creative based in Bangkok, Thailand. We had the chance to learn about his creative process and the steps he takes to preserve his personal brand.

How and why did you get into content creation?

I have always considered myself to be creative and was drawn to storytelling and visual arts from a very young age. Photography and digital art, however, came in in the later years of high school, but even then it was not my primary creative outlet. When I started college, I was very influenced by YouTube vloggers and channels devoted to travel videos, so I actually began focusing on video a lot more so than my photography. I used Instagram as a secondary platform to basically share parts of my daily life and routine while keeping the main content on YouTube. After a few months, I had made a lot of friends in the YouTube space but was never satisfied with the future I saw in my channel or the life of YouTuber. It just wasn't for me. I was also studying accounting and finance and wanted my career in those fields instead. I kept my YouTube more so as a way to keep my creative mind busy.

Somehow, my Instagram got picked up by a Bostonian community account and I was invited to attend an Instagram event. This event turned out to be a turning point for me. I felt more inspired by the community of creators, photographers, and talent I met that day than I had been with my experience on YouTube. Most of these people did not call themselves photographers or Instagrammers but instead shared a passion for photography and exploring their surroundings and took time in their daily lives to create something to reflect that. From then onwards, I focused a lot more on developing my Instagram and trying to meet as many people from the community as possible. It felt more satisfying and I learned a lot more and was able to grow both as an artist but also as a storyteller without having to give up on my interest in accounting and finance.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It's cliche, but my family and friends are where I look for inspiration and motivation. I know and see first hand the amount of work they do and the commitment they have, as well as their achievements so usually I don't have to look far to find a reason to put in the effort regardless of what I'm doing.

How do you decide what to share and what to keep private?

I come from a somewhat conservative, collectivist culture so I think it's become second nature for me deciding what is appropriate for the public versus what should remain private. Regardless, as I have and continue to work with brands and organization through my Instagram, there is a certain level of professionalism and cleanliness - I use this term very loosely - that is expected. I also aim to share only what I deem is worth the time of my followers and that has somehow helped kept me from oversharing I think.

What is the best kept secret in Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of the food capitals of the world, and with so many great offerings, one thing that often gets overlooked are its food courts. Even as a vegetarian, some of my favorite spots in town are the food courts in the shopping malls. MBK shopping mall's food court is truly a must!

Any tips and tricks you'd like to share with other creators?

Biggest tip would be to keep creating even if the work is not to be shared. By practicing you're not only refining your technical skills but also your own creative palette. You'll be able to find out what works best for you and what you may not like doing so much through the experience that comes from action. Even the best of the best in the industry are all still working on ways to better their craft so don't be put down by your progress or lack thereof. Put in the extra work and it will pay off.

What camera and editing software do you use?

I shoot either with a Nikon D5200 (which is a pretty basic cropped sensor camera) or with my Google Pixel 2. Whilst most of my professional work is shot on the DSLR, I have done campaigns including concerts entirely on the Pixel. It has such an incredible camera and is super convenient. My editing truly varies depending on the style of the picture but is kept to either Lightroom (and sometimes Photoshop) on the computer or some combo of Lightroom Mobile, VSCO, and Snapseed.

How would you describe your aesthetics?

The aesthetic I am aiming for is colour pop travel. If that comes across, great, but I'll let others be the judge of that. I've always tried to stray away from having my feed fall into the same color palette or sticking too closely to one type of subject matter. I enjoy a lot of things and if my Instagram should reflect me then it should also reflect that variety.

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I was actually cast to play the Indian boy (with a minor speaking role) in Around the World in 80 Days (2004) as that scene was filmed in Bangkok, and my mom was supposed to be in the film as another extra, but on the day of filming, my sister was sick so my mom could no longer make it. I ended up getting really scared, confused and started crying on set as it felt really strange to me, and decided not to do the part. I always look back and imagine how different my life would be if things went differently that day. As luck would have it, I also ended up going to high school with the kid that replaced me in the role.

What's been your favorite piece of work to date?

One of my absolute favorite piece of work or project is when I got to cover Oh Wonder's show in Boston. I have been following them pretty much since their inception and I consider them one of my favorite artists, so when they reached out to me via DMs asking if I wanted to shoot for their stop in Boston, it was sort of a dream come true. I have covered their Boston shows five times now and each time has been a magical experience. Their music is uplifting and they are either super energetic or very moody (in a good way) so the photos are always fun to work with.

The best thing about being a creator?

Bringing something beautiful into the world. There's something truly amazing and fulfilling about that. As most of the stuff I like to shoot revolves around travel, I also truly enjoy the sense of discovery that comes with it. Seeing and experiencing something firsthand is always unique and remarkable, especially when in a foreign space.

Favorite people to follow on Instagram?

There are a lot of people whose work I really look forward to each day but my absolute favorite for some time now has been @jacob. His work is truly incredible, and the way he showcases the remarkable destinations he visits through his work is inspiring and just leaves you with a sense of awe.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Start taking photos a lot sooner! There have been so many family trips that I went on before I focused on photography that I regret not having pictures from. New Zealand is one of them. It's truly a photographer's paradise.

What word sums up your job title?

Professionally, I also work as a Tax Consultant but as for the creative side, I prefer Freelance Travel and Lifestyle Photographer.

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