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How Brands Can Make the Most of the Festive Season on Instagram

It’s that time of year when everyone goes crazy for fairy lights, decorations and bringing trees inside your home. The shops are full of people panic.

Why brands should be amping up their content and partnerships with influencers this year.

- Christmas is the perfect time of year to go all out and get creative. People expect it. That’s why some brands spend the entire year planning their festive campaigns

- This is the key time of year for sales for most brands, especially if your products could be seen as gifts or decorations.

- Lots of content goes viral at Christmas – think the John Lewis adverts. What can you do to create potentially viral content?

Beauitful light from @mossonyi

Ideas for content and partnerships beyond the obvious

- Toast did a lovely campaign a few years ago where they asked influencers to select a product to give as a gift to a loved one who deserved it, rather than themselves. Christmas is the season of goodwill, encourage this, not only will it make people feel good about your brand but it encourages gifting.

- Get your customers involved, pick an affordable product/decoration and run a styling/photo competition, offering a prize to your favourite photo featuring that item. It will encourage sales of that particular item and perhaps your competition could go viral if enough people enter with a creative image.

- Have a festive photo shoot and bombard your feed with seasonal photos that will encourage sales with customers attempting to create the same ambience.

Coca-cola has been setting the standard for festive content for decades.

- Get creative. It’s all been done before but what could be done differently? Think of the usual festive stereotypes – trees, stars etc. – and think about how you could do something different using your own products? Try to create a viral image that people will share.

- Gifting items to influencers you have worked with over the past year to say thank you. This could be a small gift or a decoration that you sell. No obligation for the influencer to post anything, but you will typically see coverage as they are happy to receive an unexpected gift.

Family festive content from @thislittlehouse_

Looking for more festive action? Whalar has recently launched a celebration of our community's creativity through our initiative - #ObjectProject_Wreath. We've already had some amazing entries and we'd love to see yours too! Check out the links for all the details and seasonal inspiration from our community's gorgeous content.

Words by Emma Lavelle

Banner image from @allthatisshe